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Galactic Starfighter HUD [visual guide]


made by silvershadows

When my husband started playing GSF, he commented to me that the tutorial does a lackluster job of explaining the HUD and the UI to you. For example, it makes no mention of the fact that you have both a forward and a rear shield arc – something that seems to me to be somewhat important!

With that in mind, I photoshopped up a visual guide to the GSF HUD and UI.

I realize that most people here probably already know everything they are seeing, but new players will not! Please feel free to distribute this among new GSF players or older GSF players who need the help! Also, if I got something wrong, please let me know and I will fix it!


List of Space PvP Medals

List of SWTOR Space PVP medals you can acquire in Galactic Starfighter

Change log

12/12/13  Mechanic – 2k repaired
02/05/14 Savior – 4k repairedScreenshot_2014-02-05_17_57_43_442810


Combat Medals

  1. Mechanic – 2k repaired
  2. Savior – 8k repaired
  3. Combatant – 10k damage dealt
  4. Destroyer – 20k damage dealt
  5. Annihilator – 30k damage dealt
  6. Quick Draw – 2 kills
  7. Ace – 5 kills
  8. Ravage – 8 kills
  9. Support – 4 kill assists
  10. Fighter – 8 kill assists
  11. Wingman – 12 kill assists
  12. Assassin – get 1 solo kill


Objective Medals

  1. Assault – Destroy 2 defense turrets
  2. Siege – Destroy 4 defense turrets
  3. Demolisher-  Destroy 8 defense turrets
  4. Offense Basic – Capture 1 objective points
  5. Offense Bronze- Capture 2 objective points
  6. Offense Silver- Capture 3 objective points
  7. Offense Gold- Capture 4 objective points
  8. Defense Basic – Defending for 1 minute
  9. Defense Bronze – Defending for 2 minutes
  10. Defense Silver – Defending for 4 minutes
  11. Defense Gold – Defending for 6 minutes
  12. Defense Platinum – Defending for 8 minutes
  13. Defense Diamond – Defending for 1 0 minutes


BioWare post on Ship Requisition gain

Hey everyone, We came across this thread and I wanted to help clarify. Ultimately, Galactic Starfighter’s rewards do not work the same way as ground game Warzones. The difference is slight, but the end result is the same. Let me explain. Requisition gain in Galactic Starfighter is directly granted to a player based on their actions: You kill enemies, take objectives, kill turrets, etc. and you gain more Requisition for doing so. And we balance those bonuses to encourage what we feel are “correct” ways to play a gameplay type (e.g. On Domination battles, taking objectives and killing turrets is worth more than killing opponents). Medals are more a reflection of your deeds during a battle, unlike in Warzones where earning them gains you greater Commendations. We wanted to make the gains be more direct, but thought that players would miss the “showing off” their greatness if we removed medals. So, to summarize, if a team wins quickly, you do gain Requisition faster–your rate increased because your team did so well. That’s your increased benefit.


Min Maxing Sensors

Useful guide to min maxing your sensor upgrades by JonathanCP from the PTS forums.

After a few calculations, here are the maximal Sensor Range and Sensor Dampening we can achieve on the different ships.

Sensor Range

Base Sensor range:

  • Strike Fighter : 15km
  • Basic Scout: 17,5km
  • Gunship : 15km

Companion: Can add 2,5km to each of those ships
Component: Scout and Gunship can equip a Range Sensor Component: when  fully upgraded, adds 5km to the range

The maximal achievable range sensors are:

  • Strike Fighter: 17.5km
  • Scout: 25km
  • Gunship: 22.5km

Sensor Dampening

  • Each ship as 0 dampening as a base
  • Scout and Gunship can install a component, which, fully upgraded, will give you 7.5km of sensor dampening
  • Companion (silent running): Can add 4km of sensor dampening range.

Maximal achievable sensor dampening range:

  • Strike fighter: 4k
  • Gunship and Basic Scout: 11.5km

What that means (iiuc) :

Let’s say you use a Scout or Gunship fully built for sensor dampening (11.5km dampening range)

  • If you face a single enemy Strike fighter or Gunship with basic sensor range (15km):
    They should not detect you until you are (15-11.5) 3.5 km from them!
  • If you face a single enemy Scout with basic sensor range:
    They should not detect you until you are (17.5-11.5) : 6.5km from them
  • If you face a single enemy Scout with fully upgraded sensor range:
    They should not detect you until you are (25-11.5) : 13.5 km (quite a long range)
  • If you face a single enemy Strike fighter with fully upgraded Range Sensor:
    They should not detect you until you are (17.5-11.5): 6km

IMO: Sensor Dampening appears to be quite usefull.  Sensor Range upgrading counters it quite well.

Now don’t forget: once a ship has detected you, it will send the info to all the other ships in it’s “communication range”. So Dampening is much less usefull when facing a squadron

Take home message:

If you fly a Strike Fighter and you don’t plan on having a friend scout accompanying you at all time: Use the companion buff to sensor range. Or else you will be a prime target of sensor dampening users

*note: “Strike Fighter” means the “basic, unlocked Strike fighter” (Rycer for Empire). I have not checked what the numbers are for the locked one, but it seems identical for sensor range purposes
“Basic Scout” means the unlocked scout ship, Blackbolt for Empire. I have not checked the numbers for the locked scout ship.

Communication range Min and Max

Basic communication ranges:

  • Strike Fighter (Rycer for Empire): 7.5km
  • Basic Scoute (Blackbolt for Empire): 10km
  • Gunship : 10km


  • Scout and Gunship can equip the “Communication Sensor” component which, fully upgraded, gives you +10km


  • The companion can give you +5km to communication range

Maximal achievable communication ranges

  • Strike Fighter: 12.5 km
  • Scout: 25km
  • Gunship: 25km

Note: the companion buff for communication range is the same that gives you the +4km to dampening.
Note: the component “Range sensor”, “Dampening sensor” and “communication Sensor” are mutually exclusives.