Corruption Sorcerer

Crit & Gear

Among the healing classes, a Sorcerer benefits least from Critical.

  1. The only healing class with a heal that doesn’t crit is the Sorcerer. Static Barrier, which should provide a significant share of your total output, doesn’t crit.
  2. The only healing class without a skill that increases Surge is the Sorcerer. Skill Penetrating Darkness increases Bonus Healing instead.

Though Critical increases the likelihood of Force Surge procs from Innervate, even with 0 Critical from gear the Critical chance of Innervate is > 50% when it’s buffed by Force Bending. This provides a sufficient number of procs of Force Surge; more procs would often be wasted. - OOfalong on Sorc stats


resurgence innervate staticbarrier reviv consumption darkinfusion darkheal forcemend


overload restoration extricate


reckless polarityshift forcebarrier

Other abilities include Jolt, Whirlwind, ElectrocuteForce SlowCloud Mind

Key Talents

forcebending forcesurge reconstruct

Skill Tree


Main healing abilities

resurgence Resurgenceinnervate Innervate

reviv Revivification → AoE heal (mainly for raid healing)

staticbarrier Static Barrier → instant and absorbs more damage than what darkheal Dark Heal would heal. This ability does not crit and so will not benefit from your Surge or Crit stats.

darkinfusion Dark Infusion → use when the above abilities resurgence innervate reviv are on cooldown

Healing in a raid will comprise of you playing around with these abilities

resurgence Resurgence lasts 6 seconds and provides reconstruct a non stacking 10% armor buff, to the target. It is optimal to roll the HoT on 2-3 targets particularly on the tanks. Resurgence also gives you,

forcebending Force Bending which you will ideally want to use on Innervate for the critical chance or Revivifcation for the force cost reduction.

resurgenceinnervate as your main healing rotation. Innervate is a channeled ability that immediately heals your target and ticks 3 times in during its channel. The cooldown is brought down to 7.5 seconds with a 2-pc PVE set bonus. You want Resurgence into Innervate for the Force Bending buff that increases its critical chance which in turn increases your chance of getting the Force Surge buff. Each tick of Innervate that crits also refreshes the 25 second duration of the Force Surge buff .

resurgence and innervate are usually good to use on cooldown. Resurgence for Force Bending on yourself and Force Shelter on the tankss and Innervate for:

forcesurge Force Surge. This buff at 3 stacks gives you an instant cast Revivification. Each stack also allows you to use Consumption without the accompanying force degeneration debuff

reviv Revivification to heal the ride when AoE damage is taken. Has a 15 second cooldown so it is important to have it when the AoE healing is needed (instead of using it on cooldown and overhealing the raid). The healing is applied when the puddle is activated on the ground with 1 tick of healing every second for 10 seconds. Up to 8 allies will receive healing from Revivification and the radius is larger than what the ground reticle indicates (approximately 8 meters about twice the size of the ground graphic) ref:

staticbarrier Static Barrier on priority targets. Static Barrier gives the Ionized debuff that prevents it from being cast again on the target for 20 seconds. It is usually fine to refresh Static Barrier on the tanks but there is an exception. Static Barrier is a good layer of protection that you can use when a tank takes a huge burst of damage (but you won’t have this if the tank has the Ionized debuff). Having Static Barrier available in these burst instances provides a buffer for you and the other healers while they cast/channel their big heals. Static Barrier should ideally be used on targets taking emoted damage such as Kephes’ jump in TFB or Titan-6′s grenade on the tanks for S&V.

When the above abilities are on cooldown and you need to single target heal somebody,

darkinfusion Dark Infusion is your next option. You can use this with reckless Recklessness for an almost guaranteed crit to your priority healing targets. Force Bending reduces its force cost by 30% but it is generally a good idea to use Force Bending on Innervate or Revivification instead. Another ability to help when your raid gets a huge spike of damage is

polarityshift Polarity Shift → Don’t forget to use these cooldowns wisely. As opposed to DPS classes that normally use their cooldowns as soon as they become available, you as a healer will make better use of your cooldowns by activating them only when needed.

Dark Heal

darkheal Dark Heal is your last resort when your main healing abilities are on cooldown. The only time i use Dark Heal is when I estimate the target will die during Dark Infusion’s cast time and when I only need 1.5 seconds to wait before Innervate comes back up or for the Ionized debuff from Static Barrier to wear off.

staticbarrier is instant and absorbs more damage than what Dark Heal will heal

innervate is more HPS than Dark Heal and the first heal ticks instantly

darkinfusion ( reckless polarityshift ) will heal more and allow you to heal other priority targets next

Force Management

consumption Consumption – Instant – Sacrifices X% of your maximum health to restore 8% of your maximum Force. Each time this ability is used, your Force regeneration rate is reduced by 25% for the next 10 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.

resurgenceinnervate gives you stacks of forcesurge Resplendence (stacks 3 times). Use Resplendence stacks to activate Consumption without the force degeneration debuff. For non-healing intensive situations,

resurgenceinnervateconsumption for one or all of the charges unless you need to cast an instant Revivification.

Keep your EHPS up

reviv Wait for the AoE damage and then cast Revivification. This should increase your effective healing, minimize over-healing on non tanks and ensures that you have Revivification up when the raid actually takes damage. Combine Revivification with

revivoverload (talented forcesuffussion) when the raid takes AoE damage

Quote from Orderken “Suppose that 4 DPS are at half health and won’t take damage for another 20 seconds, and, meanwhile, 1 tank is at half health and might die in a few seconds.” Revivification will increase your EHPS but keeping the raid from wiping and healing the tank (Innervate) in this case is the wiser choice.

overload Overload has no energy cost and is your second AoE healing ability. 20 second cooldown and heals all targets in a 15-m cone in front of you. Be careful of using this ability on trash or adds that can get knocked back. You should position yourself so that you can hit as many allies as possible and ideally without hitting any adds that can get knocked out of position.


forcemend → Your instant hard-healing self-heal ability. Use this ability to heal yourself instead of using your main healing abilities. Not having 100% health is safe when healing isn’t intensive especially if Force Mend is available.

restoration → Your cleanse. Required for some boss mechanics. Priority on members who have no self-cleanse like Jedi Knights, Shadows (when Shroud is on cooldown) and Vanguards. Smugglers, Commandos and other Sages can cleanse themselves so have your raid leader tell these people to use their own abilities when they can.

forcebarrier → Save yourself from sticky situations. 3 min cooldown. Using it will remove the effects of Consumption if you have any (Seer top-tier talent).

→ Force Speed Instant Cooldown: 20s Increases movement speed by 150% for 2 seconds. Does not break Stealth.

Effective use of Target of Target to Save Lives

Bind Target of Target and then Bind Extrication to a nearby button

Using Extrication by clicking on the raid frames is not efficient. Even less efficient is clicking on the target in your screen and then hitting Extrication. A good way to use, and will certainly be noticed by your raid is when you use Extrication in conjunction with Target (friendly player) or Target of Target keybindings.

My target of target is bound to F. My Extrication is bound to V. I find this combination very useful and have used it countless times to save a member from certain death or from taking a critical amount of damage.

In the “heat” of a raid you can and you should expect for some DPS to tunnel vision into their rotation and slightly neglect their surroundings. Sometimes unexpected things can happen as well and having a Sage that utilizes Extrication can be the ONLY thing that saves someone in your raid. For example:

I was doing a PUG of SM Scum and Villainy for comms and we were in the Cartel Warlords fight. Sunder was tanked quite close to center group where the range DPS were stacked. Sunder did his target swap mechanic and immediately slammed a Gunslinger down to 1/4 hp. In a split second he will do his slam again and 2-shot his target.

When you notice the first hit of Sunder on the DPS, immediately

TAB → F → V

Sunder is known, especially in HM to 2-shot DPS in seconds. Casting Static Barrier might save him, channeling Innervate won’t be enough to outheal the damage, and casting Dark Infusion or Dark Heal means Sunder will kill his target before you can get the cast off. In this scenario

TAB → F (target of target)extricate might just as well be the difference between life and death for your raid member.

Other instances I’ve used Extrication in Dread Fortress / Palace

  • Extrication someone who is about to get blown up in Nefra’s droid’s AoE
  • Extrication someone who is stacking debuffs of Grob’thok’s mines on himself
  • Extrication someone with Corrupter Zero’s Concussion Mines and is not standing right next to the boss
  • Extrication someone who does not notice he is tagged by Brontes’ blue orbs. Note: I’ve seen instances where the blue orb swaps target at the last second. Tab target some orbs and watch for their Target of Target for a quick Extrication when needed.
  • Force Sprint out and Extrication the person afflicted with Calphayus’ slow and damage debuff who is sitting inside the raid (and has no mobility cooldowns available), and then Force Barrier
  • Extrication a melee DPS who is about to drop Inferno around the tanks in the Tyrans fight (alternatively you can Extrication someone with the Simplification debuff into the “correct” platform)

extricate Extrication also reduces your target’s threat. You can use it in the beginning of the fight on a high-threat DPS if his or her threat dump is not enough. You may want to stand nearby the target to reduce the travel time to let him continue with his DPS rotation as soon as possible. Be careful and don’t TAB → Target of Target → Extrication to a tank though. That will reduce HIS threat and we don’t want the boss swapping to somebody else.

BIS Gear

Taken from Orderken http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/character/0481d66b-a800-45fc-9d4c-4357aca51a0e

I play my Sage as DPS as well so I went with Acc/Power DPS gear and then swapping 2 armorings for the 2-pc PVE set bonus.


ABILITY COMBINATIONS (some things I generally use; open for improvement)

Used generally on cooldown depending on who needs it most

resurgence →  innervate

Armor buff on Tanks

resurgence Keep rolling on both tanks to give them  reconstruct 

Tank is less than 90% hp


When Tank gets a huge burst of damage


When above abilities are on cooldown and tank needs immediate healing

resurgencedarkinfusion until staticbarrier and resurgenceinnervate becomes available

When DPS takes damage but is not priority


Force Positive single target healing


When AoE damage is taken by raid (coming from above)

resurgenceinnervatestaticbarrierconsumptionrevivoverload /

resurgencereviv → overload

When multiple targets (non-tanks) are sitting at dangerously low HP, need “burstier” healing, and are spread far apart

1 . staticbarrier on DPS who may not take immediate damage in the next few seconds

2. staticbarrierresurgence on DPS who may not take immediate damage in the next few seconds

3. polarityshiftreckless

4. innervate / consumption

5. darkinfusiondarkinfusion

When everyone is back up to full it’s time to regen force via


Sometimes I may need to use Revivification first before Innervate (and thus not get any stacks of Force Surge). I do 2 Consumptions for 1 duration of Revivification and this has been force positive in my experience.


Quick summary of above 1-2-3

1. resurgenceinnervatestaticbarrier → on my main target followed by

2. staticbarrierdarkinfusion on allies that may need (healing)Dark Infusion or Static Barrier on those that might take damage →

this is the time I “spam” Static Barrier on raid members especially when preparing for an incoming damage phase like Titan’s Lots Of Missile, Thrasher’s Sniper mobs / AoE roar, Raptus’ Overload or the adds and debuffs in Gate Commander Draxus. After this “phase” I check for Force regeneration needs and use Consumption accordingly. When i’m comfortable with my force I use any remaining stacks of Force Surge on Revivification →

3. consumptionrevivconsumption Then back to #1 again.

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    Orderken wrote a good post about this on the following link;


    I’ve been testing around a few builds (one set with pure power BIS/and a critical/power/surge experimental build on stat budget) as I often swing between raid heal-centric in 16 man as opposed to being the primary tank healer in 8 man.

    • Soup

      Yeah, its hard to say, and having static barrier not show up in parsec makes a big difference. I think a lot of the favoring of crit comes from seeing the heals better, it can benefit a few of your healing abilities, but you don’t see the heals from static barrier, and most abilities will be relatively close. Static barrier as he states plays a big role in it, and he also states how the crit chance on innervate is over 50% regardless. Nonetheless, there are many sorc healers in great guilds, that clear very well that prefer running crit, and it can be done both ways.

      Nibbon posted something back when 72′s were BiS where his models were slightly different than Orderkens, but it was showing a loss of 1% total HPS when you ran with 200 crit. Its definitely worthwhile getting it when gearing up (crit enhancements from HM ops), although you should imo shoot to be under 200 and work towards power once you get max gear.

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  • Soup

    One note on the spec is that some people prefer running with some crit even if BiS is no crit. Its a small decrease to overall HPS, or HPCT if you run with <200 crit and 4 surge pieces, and even a little more crit than that won't make a big difference. If you run into force management problems, it can help alleviate it a little although it shouldn't make a huge difference. (5% more crit with 300 points, 55% vs 50% force bending chance shouldn't be a huge difference but some claim its noticable).

    Both ways of gearing are viable, and I know people that will swear by one way or the other greatly affecting their heals, but I've seen both work and its worth trying out both styles. I personally run 4 surge with some crit due to not having all power 78s, and it makes it easy switching dps/heals due to the accuracy pieces being switched out with surge since dps wants 1 alacrity as well.