In-depth guide to Gunships [videos]

Original PTS review can be found here in the swtor.com PTS forum


quarrel mangler Quarrel/Mangler

  • PRW: Light Laser Cannon, Burst Laser Cannon
  • SEW: Ion Railgun, Plasma Railgun, Slug Railgun
  • SEW: Ion Railgun, Plasma Railgun, Slug Railgun
  • SHD: Feedback Shield, Fortress Shield, Distortion Field
  • ENG: Interdiction Drive, Barrel Roll, Weapon Power Converter, Rotational Thrusters


Using Primary Weapons is a last resort when your enemy has you dog fighting and flanking you in sub 5000m range.  Turning rate and maneuverability is slow which makes you very vulnerable to Scouts that can circle around you in 5000m range.  Your cannon firepower isn’t enough to keep up versus a Strike Fighter in a sustained dog-fighting combat.  However primary weapons are still your final line of defense against targets in close combat and should be used to finish off any ship that survives through your initial Railgun burst.  Depending on RNG and their shield upgrades, most ships can survive a full charge of your railgun.  If they notice you and charge their way over to your location, you can choose to flee or stand and fight.  Your engines will help you flee but if you want to fight, you’ll have to use a combination of your Primary weapons and more importantly your shield in order to survive the onslaught.

lightlasercannon Light Laser Cannon

Light Laser Cannon shoots at a higher frequency than its counterpart Burst Laser Cannon.  It’s DPS is lower but if you prefer a cannon with a wide targeting arc and has a fast rate of fire then this is your primary weapon of choice.

  • Max Range: 4000m
  • DPS: 758
  • Accuracy: 96%
  • Weapon Power draw: 7.0 per second


Tier Upgrades:

  1. Blaster damage increased by 5% – 1500
  2. Cost of using blasters reduced by 10% – 3000
  3. Blaster rate of fire increased by 8% – 6000
  4. Critical hit chance increased by 10% / Firing arc increased by 2 deg and weapon tracking increased by 9% – 10000
  5. Blaster damage to hull increased by 18% / Blaster damage to shields increased by 18% – 20000

lightlasercannon Burst Laser Cannon

Burst Laser Cannon fires at a lower frequency but each shot hits harder than Light Laser Cannon.  I prefer to use Burst Laser just because I like slow and hard hitting cannons.

  • Max Range: 4000m
  • DPS: 790
  • Accuracy: 96%
  • Weapon Power draw: 16.5 per second


Tier Upgrades:

  1. Blaster damage increased by 5% - 1500
  2. Critical hit chance increased by 10% – 3000
  3. Firing arc increased by 10% and weapon accuracy increased by 5% – 6000
  4. Baster damage ignores 100% of enemy armor / Shield piercing increased by 10% – 10000
  5. Blaster damage to hull increased by 18% /  Blaster damage to shields increased by 18% – 20000


3 Shields are available to Gunships.  One for offense, one for evasion (defense) and the other makes you a really tanky ship.

feedback-shield Feedback Shield

Charges your shield with energy for 15 seconds that is released as damage against your next attacker.

Tier Upgrades:

  1. Feedback damage increased by 15% – 1500
  2. Ability cooldown time reduced by 10 seconds – 3000
  3. Feedback Shield has a 20% chance to crit / Feedback Shield drains 10% of the attacker’s weapon and engine power – 10000

When fighting 1v1 versus a more agile opponent, you should be able to hit him with a fully charged railgun once.  Ideally you want to have a team mate with you to watch your back but if you don’t the damage from Feedback shield can be enough to destroy the pursuing enemy.  If you weren’t able to hit him with a full charge railgun then your dogfight duel is going to be a little bit tougher.  Playing a Feedback Shield  gunship in a dogfight involves being tanky and conservative and bidding your time.  You activate your Feedback Shield for up to 650 damage and try to get a few blaster cannon hits on your enemy.  Booster your way around and kite your target for a little bit while you wait for Feedback Shield’s cooldown at which point you try to engage him again.

But say you managed to hit your target with a full charge of Slug Railgun and he is now sitting at 20% health.  If that’s the case then you probably will only need one round of Feedback Shield to finish him off.  If he is still alive after that then just face tank him with your blaster fire and that should finish him off.  If he tries to run away, get on your railgun and snipe him down.

Strategy: Duel of Attrition

Feedback Shield has a relatively low cooldown and can be used to slowly wither down your opponent.  Kite him around with Barrel Roll and your spacebar booster while waiting for your Feedback Shield to come back up.   When engaged in a 1v1 in close range, remember that it is the opponent’s priority to kill you asap.  Your priority would be to draw the fight out and look for mistakes in the opponent’s flight pattern.  This can happen during manual roundabouts when he flies past to face you.  This is a good moment to charge your railgun and shoot him if he ends up turning back too slow.  2 Feedback shields (done by stalling and kiting) should bring his HP low enough to be destroyed by a full charge of Slug.

distortion-field Distortion Field

(+15% Evasion, -35% Shield Power Capacity) – Evasion increased by 65% for 3 seconds.

Tier Upgrades:

  1. Increases the chance enemies will miss you by 10% while the ability is in effect - 1500
  2. Ability cooldown time reduced by 10 seconds – 3000
  3. Ability duration is increased by 3 seconds / Distortion field now disables missile lock of enemies for the duration – 10000

Gives you X% evasion for several seconds.  Pick this shield if you see yourself being in range of blaster cannon fire often in a fight.  It should mitigate more damage than Feedback and can be used on the move unlike Fortress Shield (below) which requires you to stand still.   Use it when you are caught in blaster fire since this is where evasion will be most useful.

Distortion Field fully upgraded is quite overpowered right now.  Get the disable missile lock upgrade and pair it with Barrel Roll.  When you see someone ganking you activate Distortion Field to cancel the missile lock and unload your blasters at your target.  Most of the time this catches them offguard and you two will be on a head-to-head blaster fire match.  Only difference is you have 3 seconds of +65% Evasion and he doesn’t.  I’ve killed too many Flashfires and Stings this way.

If you don’t want to fight you can use Distortion Field to break the missile lock while you turn your ship towards your capital ship direction.  A full turn generally takes around or less than 3 seconds which is your Distortion Field’s duration.  Once you are in position hit Barrel Roll and spacebar away.


fortress-shield Fortress Shield

(-30 Shield Power Capacity) – Increases shield strength by 100% for 30 seconds, but immobilizes the ship while active.  The pilot can manually deactivate this ability if needed.

Tier Upgrades:

  1. Ability cooldown time reduced by 10 seconds - 1500
  2. Sield strength increased by an additional 20% when fortress shield ability is active – 3000
  3. Duration is increased by 10 seconds / Blaster power pool regen increased by 30% while fortress shield ability is active – 10000


The shield lives up to its name.  Increases shield strength by 100% for 30 seconds is really strong.  The downside (and balance) is that it immobilizes you throughout the duration.  It comes off to me that this ability is something that was intended to be a “turret”  cooldown akin to the Entrench or Hunker Down.   However since I play solo q I can’t rely on other people to watch my back when I activate Fortress Shield while Scouts and Fighters circle around and shoot me.   It can definitely be a life saver when you have teammates to back you up.  Turning on Fortress Shield turns you into a brief  ”tank” until you save enough energy to run away, or until you or your allies dispatch of the circling enemy.

Despite the immobilizing component of Fortress Shield, it can still be a great defensive tool that you can use on the move. Sometimes it is not always possible to evade a missile lock and this is when Fortress Shield will come in handy.  A few seconds before the missile hits, turn on Fortress Shield to have it mitigate a lot of damage.   Remember Fortress Shield stops you in mid-flight.   This can be an advantage if your opponent is chasing you at full throttle, he will fly past you and into the range of your railgun.  You can either snipe and engage, or booster your way in another direction.


Fortress Shield – Fortress shield recently got a nerf.  And it’s a well deserved one.  The shield is just too tanky especially with F2 and allows you to survive a good deal of incoming (1v1) blaster cannon fire.  Fortress + F2 + Hydro Spanner can withstand a lot of penalty and can keep you up even against one round blaster and missile fire.  It can no longer be “spammed” in the most recent patch due to the 30 second cooldown.

Maximizing the use of Fortress Shield


Tooltip says: Increases shield strength by 100% for 30 seconds…  What the tooltip does not explain is that Fortress essentially gives you TWO shields instead of 1.  You have your normal shields, 2 arcs for the bow and 2 arcs for the stern.  If an enemy comes at you from the bow, wait for the shield arcs to dissipate and THEN activate Fortress Shield.  Why? Because activating Fortress seems to give you a “new set” of shields.  If you notice your 2 bow shields have now regenerated with “100% strength” (as per the tooltip).  After you’ve dispatched of your ganker, deactivate Fortress and you will find that your normal shields are back to where you left them before you activated Fortress Shield (which should be zero shield arcs).

Copilot combo: Hydro Spanner to heal you up is always a good choice since you are running a tanky build with Fortress. One can assume that a crew that buffs your evasion is also a good choice as well.  Same goes for a copilot abilities that buff your survivability like Running Interference and Nullify.  I’ve personally only played with Hydro Spanner and Nullify, with Nullify being my favorite.  Most enemies won’t expect you to face tank them as a Gunship, since the Gunship meta right now is hide and seek (max dampening sensors and barrel roll: which is what I’ve been running the past PTS).

Expectations: Since you are running a tanking Fortress Gunship, expect to be using your blaster cannons a lot to defend against gankers.   I’ve been testing it with Interdiction for the speed debuff but I have to say Rotational thrusters will definitely work great and help you get those few crucial blaster (or railgun hits) before your Fortress Shield gets withered away

Crew (my choices are limited to the default crew available in the PTS):

  • Tactical: Copilot abilities that make you tanky include Running Interference (evasion) and Nullify (damage reduction)
  • Engineering: I’m picking Ashy to help with blaster cannon fights since they are my primary offensive weapons in dogfights/ganks
  • Defensive: Going with Taano Viik.  His ship bonuses fit Fortress Shield perfectly.  +Shield capacity to make you a tad bit tankier with the added bonus of some passive evasion stats
  • Offensive: Your choice.

Strategy: Flying Fortress


We have 2 Secondary weapon slots but unless they change the req points gained, it takes too much time to spread your upgrades out.  I suggest focusing upgrades on one secondary weapon instead of having multiple mediocre hitting railguns.  Overall the 3 railguns have very distinct roles.  Uprgaded Ion fits the debuffer role, Upgraded Slug is the burst DPS railgun,and Upgraded Plasma leaves a DoT that can be upgraded to apply debuffs or increase its damage.

ionrailgun Ion Railgun

Deals massive amounts of shield damage and minor damage to Hull.  ~1300 vs shields, ~300 vs hull.  Compare this to Slug Railgun, a flat 1600 damage. Do not expect to rank up a lot of kills using Ion Railgun.  It fits the debuffer and utlility role designed to give your allies an advantage in battle.  It will give you a ton of Assists though especially once you get the AoE upgrade.

  • Max Range: 15000m
  • Damage vs Shields: 1310
  • Damage vs Hull: 328
  • Accuracy: 106.00%
  • Particle Effect: Blue


Tier Upgrades

A quick glance at the upgrades and one can see that Ion is the utility railgun for Gunships. Upgrades include

  1. Railgun accuracy increased by 3% and tracking increased by 5% – 1500
  2. The time required to fully charge the railgun is reduced by 10% – 3000
  3. Ion Railgun hits drain an additional 10 units of energy – 6000
  4. Critical damage chance increased by 10% / Railgun hits arc to hit up to 3 nearby enemies, doing 20% damage and 20% of the engine and weapon power drain – 10000
  5. Railgun hits slow target by 40% / Railgun hits  stop regeneration for 6 seconds – 15000

Ion Railgun is very powerful once you have it upgraded for AoE.  Couple it with 40% slow and you will be spreading a 40% AoE debuff to your enemies on top of depleting the energy of your target.  The AoE even hits turrets.  Alternatively you can hit a turret and it spreads its AoE damage on players as well…

slugrailgun Slug Railgun

What makes Slug very powerful is its shield penetration.  A popular combo right now is Slug railgun with Bypass companion ability.  This increases your chances to penetrate your target’s shield and most of the time results in 1-shotting Scouts.

  • Max Range: 15000m
  • Damage: 1315
  • Accuracy: 106.00%
  • Particle Effect: Red-Brown*

Tier Upgrades

The slug railgun’s upgrades on are more damage oriented

  1. Railgun charge up time reduced by 10% – 1500
  2. Shield piercing increased by 10% – 3000
  3. Railgun damage ignores 100% of armor – 6000
  4. Railgun accuracy increased by 3%, tracking increased by 5% / Consumes 10% less power per second – 10000
  5. Railgun critical hit chance increased by 20% / Railgun damage increased by 10% – 20000

Copilot Combo

The greatest strength of the Slug Railgun is its ability to pierce shields.  You can strengthen this passive stat by upgrading to Tier 2 of Slug which is 10% Shield Piercing.  You can couple this with:

bypass Bypass – Increases shield piercing on all weapons for 15 seconds

to increase the chance for your fully charged Slug to hit your target’s hull directly.  This can be devastating and can 1-shot targets who risk fighting in the field without a full hull.

Tracking - when you have your gunship sinper reticle open you point, charge and release.  Hitting moving targets can be difficult but there is a mechanic in place that lets your reticle hover just behind or just in front of your target even if you don’t move your mouse.  This can be upgraded for Improved Accuracy and is one of the final component upgrades of the Slug Railgun.

plasmarailgun Plasma Railgun

The damage-over-time railgun of Gunships.  1800 damage over time versus a flat damage from the Slug.  Plasma seems to be the higher sustained DPS  railgun, while Slug is the higher burst DPS railgun.  Plasma railgun leaves a noticeable DoT after it hits your target with half being dealt upfront and the other half ticking over several seconds.

  • Max Range: 15000m
  • Damage: 1740
  • Accuracy: 106.00%
  • Particle Effect: Red*

Because the damage is dealt over time, this makes it susceptible to being countered by:

hydrospanner Hydro Spanner - Repairs your ship’s hull over 6 seconds. and

quick-charge-shield Quick-Charge Shield - Recharges 50% of your ship’s shields on activation.

The damage done by your DoT effect can be eaten up by your target’s shields.  Over time though the damage you do with Plasma railgun should ramp up and you should see high overall total damage done with lots of assists (if your teammates managed to finish of your targets).  This railgun is particularly fun and should give you several kills from people who think they’ve survived the initial shot only to get withered down and destroyed by the DoT.

Tier Upgrades

All its component upgrades add extra effects as long as your DoT is up.  The effects range from utility to raw damage.

  1. Railgun charge up time reduced by 10% – 1500
  2. Critical hit chance increased by 10% – 3000
  3. Consumes 10% less power per second – 6000
  4. Target’s damage reduction reduced by 20% while the railgun’s DoT is active / Target’s evasion reduced by 10% while the DoT is active – 10000
  5. Damage over time duration increased by 1 second* / Damage dealt by the DoT increased by 15% – 20000

Note: *DoT duration increased by 1 second is 2 more DoT ticks

Copilot Combos

concentratedfire Concentrated Fire – each of your DoT ticks get a 45% chance to crit!

lingeringeffect Lingering Effect – Target will receive additional damage when hull is it.  Since a full charge of Plasma will always hit and damage the hull, this copilot ability fits nicely as your DoT ticks away at your target’s hull.

I personally swap between Lingering Effect and Concentrated Fire whenever I run Plasma.  My favorite combo though is Concentrated Fire because of several 215 dot crits (when you are lucky). Concentrated Fire is also my favorite when running Slug and use it specifically against other Gunships for a 2250 Critical 1 shot.


I use my Engines to get away from a chaotic space battle.   My engine is my primary source of survivability.  It is imperative that once you are stuck in a dogfight, you try to get out of that dogfight as soon as you can.  And that can be done with your Engine not your shield.  Unless you prefer dogfights as a Gunship.. well that’s fine, but that is an entirely different playstyle and you have specific engines to fit THAT kind of playstyle as well.

Our 4 engines are divided into Offense and Defense.  The first 2 Offensive engines are:

weaponpowerconverter Weapon Power Converter

Transfers 20% of the engine’s power to the weapon power pool.


Tier Upgrades

  1. Ability cooldown time reduced by 3 seconds – 1500
  2. Engine components and maneuvers cost reduced by 10% – 3000
  3. Blaster power pool increased by 15% /  Engine power pool increased by 15% – 10000

Not a lot to say about this engine.  It’s an engine with a flat offensive ability that is useful for extended periods of sniping.   If you are confident you can outrun gankers or have a friend to watch your back, this is a good offensive engine of choice.

rotationalthrusters Rotational Thrusters

Rapidly turns your ship to face your currently selected target.


Tier Upgrades

  1. Reduces the power cost of activating Rotational Thrusters by 15 – 1500
  2. Ability cooldown time reduced by 5 seconds – 3000
  3. Activating Rotational Thrusters boosts your weapon power regeneration rate by 45% for 6 seconds / Ship’s turning rate passively increased by 10% – 10000

This engine can either be mediocre or amazing depending on how it’s used by the player.  Rotational Thrusters gives you the edge in 1v1 and should be used to face your target while he is doing a roundabout.   A very enjoyable engine that shines in duels.  My favorite use of rotational thrusters is luring an opponent toward the turrets and space bar boosting my way past and through it.  Hit Rotational Thrusters to face yourself toward the enemy while using the turret as a shield and unleash your railgun load.  Rotational is an offensive engine with good added utility.

TIP: You can pre-charge your railgun before doing a rotational turn.

Defensive engines

interdictiondrive Interdiction Drive

Triggers an immediate speed boost while reducing the speed of nearby enemies


Tier Upgrades

  1. Cost of using engine component abilities and maneuvers is reduced by 10% – 1500
  2. Engine speed increased by 10% on Interdiction Drive activation. – 3000
  3. Ability duration is increased by 3 seconds / Interdiction field slows enemies by an additional 15% – 10000


Activating the engine will produce a bright white aura around your ship that indicates you have the speed boost and your enemy has the speed debuff.  The engine is a good idea on paper but the downside is the huge engine cost.   The buffs and debuffs are not noticeable enough to make a different versus a Scout or even a Fighter because those Ships have better maneuvering and a larger engine pool which they can use to booster their way up to you.   It costs around 30-40% to activate and in my experience the other 60% won’t be enough to outrun your opponent.


Interdiction isn’t so bad after all


Interdiction Drive – after playing more with Interdiction Drive, I think this engine has pretty good potential after all.  The initial problem has got something to do with me getting accustomed to Barrel Roll.  Barrel Roll evades missiles, jumps you from dead stop and allows you to travel great distances when coupled with W+booster.  But Interdiction can actually be really effective if used right.

First of all, Interdiction should not be used the same way we use Barrel Roll where it works as an oh$ ability when you get ganked.  Interdiction’s speed boost is actually VERY noticeable and I’ve used it on gankers to great effect.  The key to maximizing Interdiction is waiting until you reach full throttle or ideally, spacebar boosting before activating it.   Yes Interdiction costs a ton of engine pool, but when activated (and beside a nearby enemy), can give you a big lead ahead of your ganker.  Remember you won’t notice the speed boost when you use it from dead stop or just when you are about to accelerate.  Hit spacebar FIRST, and THEN hit Interdiction Drive.

You will get a pretty flaming animation on your engine and travel so fast , you will disappear from your opponents radar before you know it.  Ideally you have hit your ganker with its movement debuff as well.  The enemy has the slow debuff while he does a roundabout and you are already out of your enemy’s sensor range (hint: maxed out sensor dampening).

Just how fast is Interdiction Drive at full engine pool? Fast enough to outrun a lock-on missile.  I was able to run away from a Proton Torpedo (10,000m range) and it was a good ~4 seconds until it finally caught up.

Hard Counter

A big weakness of Interdiction Drive is Sabotage Probe.  Activating this engine does not remove movement impairing effects like its other defensive engine counterpart: Barrel Roll.    A nasty movement impairing ability currently in the game is Sabotage Probe which prevents movement and turning for several seconds and is a major component for Tier 1 Scouts like the Blackbolt and NovaDive.   Using Interdiction Drive and getting hit by Sabotage Probe will root you in place.  Conversely, getting hit by Sabotage Probe and activating Interdiction Drive will leave you with a speed boost but still rooted in place.  Something like using Leg Shot on a Sorcerer who activated Force Speed.  That is the relationship between Interdiction Drive and Sabotage Probe.   So be careful and stay away from those Sabotage Probe scouts!

Strategy: Offensive Interdiction Drive

barrelroll Barrel Roll

Rolls the ship 360-degrees forward, boosting evasion from dierct-fire weapons by 30% for 3 seconds. Evades lock-on missiles when activated


Tier Upgrades

  1. Reduces the power cost of activating Barrel Roll by 15 – 1500
  2. Ability cooldown time reduced by 5 seconds – 3000
  3. Engine speed increased by 10% / Ship’s turning rate increased by 10% – 1000

Barrel Roll is a perfect defensive engine build for escape.  It will boost you forward from dead stop and removes the effects of Sabotage Probe on top of evading any lock-on missiles.  Highly recommended for Gunships who prefer a more defensive playstyle. Using Barrel Roll + Booster + Barrel Roll can also cover great distances in a short amount of time, something that Gunships are innately weak at.

Barrel Roll can be used very effectively with a max dampening sensors build.  You can jump out of sight and disappear from radar.  This is the build I currently play the most on the PTS.


Gunships have low maneuverability and make really slow turns.  I feel that even though a fully charged Slug railgun can 1 shot most Scouts, Scouts can be very good counters to Gunships as long as they can stay within 5000m, circle around the ship and hit them in their blind spots.  Scouts with the default Booster recharge are very annoying to fight against because there is no way to outrun them even with double Barrel roll.  My most painful experience with the Gunship was fighting against a team of Sabotage Probe Scouts.  Interdiction doesn’t work on Sabotage Probe and even though Barrel roll “gets rid” of it, the Scout will still be able to catch up with a full engine pool and

booster-recharge  Booster Recharge – Regenerates 5% engine power per second for 6 seconds.

Booster recharge to back it up.  Gunships at stock have around 1350 hp.  As long as you can keep your close distance, a rapid fire cannon should be able to destroy the gunship before he can react.  Getting a gank on a Gunship and holding down Rocket Pods with

concentratedfire Concentrated Fire – Attacks have a 45% chance to do critical damage for 6 seconds, is also a very quick way to destroy the Gunship before he can react.

Counter: Scout

Build: Recharge Boosters, Sabotage Probe, Barrel Roll or Koiogran Engine, your choice of copilot (Concentrated Fire for quick burst)

Recharge boosters ensures that he can’t run away even with double Barrel Roll.  Sabotage Probe to root him in place and totally negate Interdiction Drive if the Gunship has that equipped. Koiogran Engine is used to get back on the Gunship’s line of sight asap while messing up his targeting.

Counter: Strike Fighter

Although not as mobile and agile as the Scout, Strike Fighters can prove very tanky and annoying against Gunships when running a tank build.  Quick Charge Shield will build your shields up and can be used multiple times in long cat-and-mouse fights against a Gunship and Hydro Spanner helps in survivability in case his Railgun saps out your shield and hits your Hull.   My choice of secondary missile, Cluster Missiles is personal preference because of its fast lock-on time.  This puts stress on the gunship and forces him to spend his engine pool sooner and more often to evade the missiles.

Proton Torpedoes have been very annoying as a Gunship in the PTS.  It’s 10000m range makes it a big threat; just when you thought you are safe from a distance…


Rotational Thrusters is a good engine to use for gankers.  Normally opponents would fly past you and do a round about and this is when you activate Rotational Thrusters and release your Rail Gun.  Feedback Shield does not mitigate a lot of damage and is an offensive shield that you use to finish of targets sitting at sub 50% hp (after a railgun shot).  Fortress Shield makes you very tanky and can give your allies some time to chase the ganker down.  Check out the Fortress and Interdiction videos for fights against gankers.  More to come…

Rotational Thrusters

  1. Activate shield ability if applicable
  2. Activate copilot offensive ability if applicable
  3. Check in targeting computer if ganker is in range
  4. Pre-charge your railgun
  5. Wait for hits from the ganker to indicate that he is in a direct flight path to you
  6. Activate Rotational Thrusters
  7. Release Railgun payload

Gunship vs Gunship

Gunship vs Gunship fights are a bit tricky.   These matchups usually depend on who gets the gank on the other gunship first. I found that attempting to run away from a Gunship, as a Gunship is a very bad idea.   Unless he is using an offensive engine and you are using a defensive escape engine then you might be able to live.  But in general… when you have your tail in front of his railgun, that turns you into a flying target from up to 15000m away.

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  • kazzerith4200

    What mechanic do you mean when you talk about slug railgun, that makes your cursor hover in front or behind the target even if you don’t move your mouse? I’ve got fully upgraded slug, but don’t seem to notice that at all.

    • http://swtorboard.org Paowee

      If you follow your target while in sniping mode, you’ll notice that your targetting reticle will “follow” the moving target