Sorcerer DPS guide

Sith Sorcerer DPS

1. Lightning specialization from Handcuff
1.1 Rotation
2. Madness specialization from Soup, Sindariel, Pelara
2.1 Rotation


When in doubt, copy the top parsers’ profiles :)

  1. Telekinetics AMR
  2. Balance AMR
  3. Gearing questions? Ask here.


  1. Force Barrier – 3 minute cooldown. Projects a Force Barrier around you, granting immunity to all control, damage, and negative effects while channeled. This ability does not respect the global cooldown and can be used while controlled.  Some mechanics are not cleansed by Force Barrier so ask around or do some research beforehand.  For the most part though, Force Barrier is your get out of jail free card, on a pretty long cooldown.
  2. Unnatural Preservation – 30 second cooldown and is your instant self-heal. Talented only by speccing into the healing tree.


  1. Recklessness – Grants 2 charges of Recklessness, which increases the Force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60% Each time a direct Force ability critically hits or you activate Lightning Throw, you lose 1 charge. Lasts 20 seconds. Using an AoE abilities like Death Field, Force Storm or Chain Lightning will use up 2 stacks. The second proc of Chain Lightning, Lightning Strike as Lightning spec will use the stacks up as well. The best use of this ability is on Lightning Throw first (on either Madness or Lightning) and then on another ability. If using Death Field, all targets hit will benefit from the increased critical chance. The same goes for Chain Lightning.
  2. Polarity Shift – 2 minute cooldown and grants 20% alacrity and immunity to interrupts for 10 seconds.


  1. Consumption – use of this ability is going to be minimal as Madness (if you can avoid it you should) and should not be used at all as Lightning.


Crowd Control

  1. Whirlwind – 1 minute cooldown. Lifts the target helplessly into the air, preventing all action for up to 8 seconds. Non-player, non-standard and non-weak targets heal rapidly while lifted out of harm’s way. Damage will break the effect prematurely.
  2. Force Slow – 12 second cooldown. Deals 1011 – 1164 kinetic damage and slows the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. You won’t find a lot of uses for this abiltiy in a raid.
  3. Electrocute – 60 second cooldown. Deals kinetic damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds. A stun ability! Obviously does not work on bosses.
  4. Overload – 20 second cooldown. Deals kinetic damage and knocks back all enemies within a 15-meter cone in front of you. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds. The bane of many tanks and sometimes DPS. You don’ want to reposition or put the mobs out of position with this ability. Use only on mobs that are immune to knock-backs, in order to prevent unecessary tank yelling in mumble.
  5. Jolt – 12 second cooldown. Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds. An interrupt ability!
    • Lightning tree
    • Suppression - increases lockout duration

Healing and Survivability

  1. Dark Heal and Dark Infusion – allows you to off-heal (yourself or others) and can be particularly useful during downtime phases to help your healers (if needed). Be wary of healing when spec’d for Madness since that spec is tougher on energy compared to Lightning (which has and shouldn’t have force problems at all thanks to Lightning Effusion).
  2. Purge – your cleanse or purge ability. Most fights have cleansable dot mechanics. Immediately cleanse yourself of these dots since your healers will prioritize classes who do not have a cleanse ability (like Powertechs, Juggernauts and Marauders)
  3. Static Barrier – again useful for helping the raid during phase swaps. Use it only if you really need to.
    • Lightning tree
    • Backlash - AoE mez when bubble is is removed (right clicking the buff will activate this talent)
    • Lightning Barrier  – increases absorb amount
  4. Force Speed – movement speed buff for X seconds. Useful for quick repositioning around the map or around boss mechanics
  5. Extrication – if you are feeling generous and feel like using 1 GCD to save an ally from a boss mechanic.  A good sorcerer knows how to extricate an ally and save them from an otherwise deadly PvE mechanic. More on this here.
  6. Reanimation – 5 minute cooldown. Revives an incapacitated ally. This ability is usable while in combat. When used, all group members can neither use nor be the target of an in-combat Reanimation for the next 5 minutes. You along with Operatives and Mandos have the abiltiy to battle rez.


  1. Crushing Darkness – Crushes the target’s mind with the Force, instantly dealing kinetic damage and additional kinetic damage over 6 seconds. This ability is part of your single target rotation for both specs.
  2. Shock – Throws debris at the target, dealing 1838 – 2199 kinetic damage. Standard and weak targets are additionally stunned for 3 seconds. Can be useful to finish off adds but otherwise, this ability does not have a place in both DPS spec’s sustained DPS rotation.
  3. Lightning Throw – bind it on the same place in your quickbar! This abiltiy along with Crushing Darkness are part of your single target rotation for both specs. Especially as Madness.
    • Lightning tree
    • Lightning Barrage - Affliction crits have a 100% chance to give this buff that decreases channel
    • Lightning Effusion - force regen
    • Madness tree
    • Calcify - damage increase
    • Disintegration - crit increase
    • Sith Efficacy - pushback reduction
    • Madness - Force Lightning no longer has a cooldown
    • Wrath - using Force Lightning has a 35% chance to give you Wrath and makes your next lightning strike or crushing darkness activated instantly and deal more damage
    • Lightning Burns - passive talent that adds extra DPS
    • Focal Lightning - passive talent that increases your alacrity


  1. Transmission and Force Attunement are passive skills available to you as a Sith Sorcerer.
  2. Lightning Strike – 1.5 second cast time. Fires a blast of Lightning energy at the target, dealing kinetic damage
  3. Force Storm – Channels the Force into the ground at the target location, causing it to quake and tremble. Up to 5 enemies within 8 meters of the target location are struck for kinetic damage over 6 seconds and knocked off Madness, reducing movement speed by 30%. In addition, standard and weak targets have a 33% chance to be knocked down by the quake each second. Your basic spamable AoE ability. Uses for this ability is situational for both specs.
  4. Affliction – weakens the target’s mind, dealing internal damage over 18 seconds.
    • Lightning tree
    • Lightning Barrage - crits grat you hasted force lightning
    • Madness tree
    • Parasitism - self-heal when dots crit
    • Force Horrors - dot dmg increase
    • Deathmark - debuff that increases dot dmg
    • Devour - increases healing done by parasitism
    • Creeping Death - crit dmg increase
    • Cloud Mind – 45 second cooldown. Wipes your enemies’ thoughts, instantly lowering your threat by a moderate amount. Your threat dump ability. Use on cooldown and ideally after or during the big burst in your opener.


3/36/7 - Highest DPS spec as theorycrafted by Nibbon


Passive Skills

  1. Reserves – increases your Force by 100
  2. Electric Induction – reduces cost and increases accuracy of Force attacks

New Abilities

  1. Thundering Blast – Deals internal damage to a single target. Thundering Blast automatically critically hits targets affected by your Affliction. Internal damage is not mitigated by armor.
  2. Chain Lightning – Sends a wave of Lightning energy that deals kinetic damage to up to 5 targets within 8 meters of the primary target. Kinetic energy is mitigated by armor and requires an armor penetration to be up on the target for it to do its maximum damage. The same goes for Shock, Lightning Strike, Crushing Darkness and Lightning Throw. More than half of your total damage done are mitigated by armor so having a Gunnery Mercenaries, Juggernaut or Sniper provide the armor penetration buff is very important to Lightning Sith Sorcerers’ DPS.


If all abilities are kept on cooldown, Thundering Blast will make up the most of your DPS along with Lightning Strike (which is your core filler ability). Lightning Strike, among other things, is crucial in Lightning to proc several things: 1) Lightning Storm, 2) Lightning Effusion, 3) Forked Lightning and 4) Conduction.

  1. Lightning Storm – is a proc that allows you to use Chain Lightning instantly. This allows you to do extremely high burst DPS when your abilities crit.
  2. Lightning Effusion – is a talent that allows you to sustain your rotation by reducing the force costs of your next two abilities by 75%
  3. Forked Lightning – gives a chance for you Lightning Strike or Chain Lightning to produce a second Lightning Strike or Chain Lightning, but at a lower damage. After it procs you have 10 seconds to use it before the buff can proc again. Be sure to use a Chain Lightning prior to that so you don’t clip and waste another one. This is similar to your other talent
  4. Forked Darkness - gives a chance for yourTurbulence to do the same thing, but like Forked Lightning, the reproduced ability deals lower damage at 30% of the original one you just cast. Additionally your Crushing Darkness has a 30% chance to tick twice with 3 points into this talent.
  5. Conduction – which is a stacking buff that procs when you gain a Lightning and Mental Momentum which stacks up to 3 times and increases your bonus damage by 2% up to 6%. And finally…
  6. Lightning Barrage – your Affliction critical hits have a 100% chance to grant you this buff and allows you to channel your next Lightning Throw twice as fast! Like Forked Lightning it has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds.

These are the core DPS talents and abilities in the Lightning tree and doing max DPS depends on how well you are able to utilize these skills. Lightning is a turret and a casting specialization for Sith Sorcerers with exceptional AoE capabilities. It is very proc dependent but can put out some amazing burst (and sustained DPS) when RNG is in your favor. Because it requires you to cast and stand still, Lightning suffers from movement heavy fights. This guide is inspired by Nibbon’s Sith Sorcerer DPS (Lightning + Madness) found in the swtor class forums.


The max DPS opener is derived from Ktap’s parses. His opener is:




4.  …

Throughout your Lightning Strikes and Thundering Blasts you will have a chance to proc Forked Lightning and get an instant cast Chain Lightning. The same goes for Lightning Barrage which grants you a hasted Lightning Throw. These procs have an internal cooldown of 10 seconds so be sure to use them before then.

The key to playing this spec is to remember the following:

  1. Affliction
  2. Crushing Darkness
    • Has a 15 second cooldown and will not align with the rest of your abilities. This ability is buffed by Mental Momentum specifically and needs to be used on cooldown. Use and keep Thundering Blast and Crushing Darkness on cooldown FIRST, before using your procs (unless they are about to reach the 10 second limit). This is the one thing you want to avoid in the first. Remember you can delay using your procs as long as they don’t reach the 10 second ICD otherwise you risk them getting overwritten.
  3. Thundering Blast
    • Don’t wait. While casting Thundering Blast be sure you have Lightning Strike lined up in your ability queue. Do not sit and wait for one ability. If Thundering Blast or Crushing Darkness have one second left, cast a Lightning Strike. The key to this spec is to always be casting something. – Kindran
  4. Affliction
  5. Force Management
    • There is none. Seriously. Thanks to Lightning Effusion you should never have force problems. Ever.


2 Thundering Blast for every 1 Affliction

  1. Crushing DarknessAfflictionThundering Blast
  2. Lightning Strike spam → use Chain Lightning and Lightning Throw procs
  3. Thundering Blast
  4. Lightning Strike spam → use Chain Lightning and Lightning Throw procs. From here it’s Lightning Strike spam until your Crushing Darkness or Thundering Blast comes up again.

1 GCD before Thundering Blast comes back up

  1. AfflictionThundering Blast
  2. Lightning Strike spam → use Chain Lightning and Lightning Throw procs
  3. Thundering Blast
  4. Lightning Strike spam → use Chain Lightning and Lightning Throw procs. From here it’s Lightning Strike spam until your Crushing Darkness or Thundering Blast comes up again.



  1. Polarity Shift on cooldown but you can delay it a little to time it with your adrenal or relic. Polarity Shift as Lightning has a pretty short cooldown due to Flowing Force. In addition everytime you produce a second Thundering Blast or Lightning Strike or Chain Lightning, the active cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1 second thanks to Conduction.
  2. Recklessness ideally should be used on a hasted Lightning Throw first and then an instant Chain Lightning second. Be careful of second ability procs for Lightning Strike and Chain Lightning since those 30% damage procs will use up a stack of Recklessness and wasting what could have been a big burst of DPS. Also if it’s not that obvious by now, don’t use Recklessness with Thundering Blast :) That ability is an instant crit with Affliction anyways.


  1. Hard Cast Chain LightningLightning Strike spam or Force Storm → Instant cast Chain Lightning.

You can finish up with Overload if the adds are about to die (and if they are immune to knockbacks. Unless you want to get yelled at in mumble).

Do not lose yourself in AoE situations. You have Crushing Darkness and Thundering Blast to keep on cooldown as well!


5/5/36 - with Force Weaver & Seeping Darkness , recommended for max DPS


Passive Skills

  1. Sith Defiance – Increases your damage reduction up to 2%
  2. Corrupted Flesh – Reduces the damage taken by all periodic effects by 7.5%.
  3. Shapeless Spirit – Reduces all damage taken while stunned by 15%. This can be useful for some niche boss fights like Nightmare Cartel Warlords.
  4. Parasitism – Causes youd dots that critically hit to restor 1% of your total health. Talented by Devour.
  5. Will of the Sith – Increaes total Willpowewr by 3/6%
  6. Corrupted Flesh - reduces dmg taken from dot effects

New abilities

  1. Death Field – 15 second cooldown. Deals internal damage to up to 5 targets within 8 meters of the targeted area and heals you for 1% of maximum health for each target struck.
  2. Creeping Terror – 9 second cooldown. Weakens the target, freezing it in place for 2 seconds and dealing internal damage over 18 seconds.

An important thing to note about Madness DPS is that even though Death Field and Creeping Terror deal internal damage, a big chunk of your DPS is mitigated by armor and that is Force Lightning which deals energy damage. Having an armor penetration up is going to greatly increase your DPS. In fact, according to the Balance parse by Pelara, mitigated damage comprise up to 64% of Balance/Madness DPS.

With that said, a majority of your damage will come from spamming Force Lightning which is made possible by the talent Madness.  Force Lightning  is also your major source of force regen thanks Sith Efficacy. On top of that it will proc Lightning Burns for extra DPS, Focal Lightning for additional alacrity (sustained DPS) and last but not the least, Wrath which is a proc that you need to manage.

  1. Lightning Burns- Damage dealt by Lightning Throw has a 20% chance and damage dealt by Lightning Strike has a 60% chance to apply Rippling Force to the target, which deals kinetic damage after 1 second. Damage dealt by Rippling Force restores 2 Force. Although not do a lot of DPS, it is still free DPS that you don’t need to manage.
  2. Focal Lightning - Damage dealt by Lightning Throw has a 20% chance and damage dealt by Lightning Strike has a 100% chance to grant Lightning Focal Point, which increases alacrity by 1%. Stacks up to 4 times. Lasts 15 seconds.
  3. Wrath – When your Force Lightning deals damage, you have a 35% chance to gain Wrath, causing your next Lightning Strike or Crushing Darkness to activate instantly and deal 35% more damage.

Outside of Lightning Throw you are required to keep your dots and debuffs on cooldown or give tham as close to a 100% uptime as you can. These abilities are: Death Field, Crushing Darkness, Affliction and Creeping Terror.





This way, your dots line up with your Death Field’s cooldown, very well (with a ~1s gap due to GCD reduction from alacrity). In addition, you can spam Force Lightning without clipping it. In a 5 min parse with the priority order, you only gain 2 more Death Fields compared to this static rotation. DPS-wise, there’s no difference between a priority order and a static rotation, but the static rotation is much easier to handle. - Sindariel

The key to playing this spec is to remember the following:

  1. Recklessness
    • Use the first stack of Recklessness on Lightning Throw first and then Death Field (always on Death Field). If you have Recklessness up and you use Death Field on multiple targets, it will use up all your stacks..
    • Will not use up a stack if the ability does not crit.
  2. Death Field
    • Will use up as many stacks of Recklessness as it criticall hits. Look for instances where you can RecklessnessLightning Throw first, and then use your last stack on Death Field
  3. Wrath
    • You will do more DPS than another Madness Sith Sorcerer depending on how (lucky) you mange Wrath. If you can keep Crushing Darkness on cooldown while using as many Lightning Strikes as you can on Wrath, you are going to do more DPS (assuming both of you have 100% uptime on dots and keep Death Field on cooldown). HOWEVER, due to the random nature of Wrath and the fact that using Lightning Strikeis force negative, you may not be able to keep Crushing Darkness on cooldown or end up running out of force in a long fight.  Imo, one Lightning Strike for every line in the static rotation is a good minimum. Two is pushing it, while 3 is really really pushing your luck.
  4. Lightning Strike
    • Using Lightning Strike with Wrath will be a DPS increase for you but your force regeneration will become slightly negative since you’d be using it instead of a full channel of Lightning Throw which is force positive. However, if by using Lightning Strike you end up delaying your Crushing Darkness it’s going to be a DPS loss – Pelara
  5. Crushing Darkness
    • Both Crushing Darkness and Death Field are on a 15 second cooldown. Using them one after the other as seen in the static rotation above will greatly increase quality of life. The same can be said for Creeping Terror and Affliction which both have an 18 second cooldown
  6. Force Management
    • A good way to drain your force quickly is by doing a mixture of several of these things, 1) multi-dotting like heaven, 2) using Lightning Strike with Presnce of Mind like hell. Hopefully you won’t get yourself much in these situations but when you do know that one full cast of Lightning Throw is force positive (using Lightning Strike is force negative). Finishing a full cast of Lightning Throw is the best way to regen force while maintaining your DPS. Again.. make sure you always have enough force to keep Creeping Terror, Affliction, Death Field and Crushing Darkness on cooldown. If you need the Force, finish your Lightning Throw before reapplying your dots.
    • Some thoughts on force management. Finishing an entire cast of Forc Lightning is going to be force positive and in most situations is a better way to regen force instead of multiple Consumptions  link
    • Forego using your Crushing Darkness proc when you find you are having energy problems.  However keep the rest of your DoTs up to maintain your DPS.  This includes Affliction, Creeping Terror, Death Field and ofcourse (spam) Force Lightning (to regen force)
  7. Shock

    • There is no place for Shock in your sustained rotation. It costs a huge chunk of force and should only be used when you need to squeeze in a little bit more burst to finish of an add


  1. Polarity Shift on cooldown. Talented by Metaphysical Alacrity
    • Force Lightning spam during Polarity Shift restores a huge chunk of your force pool and also increases your chance for Wrath / Wrath to proc.
  2. Recklessness on cooldown, with Lightning Throw first, and then Death Field second. Other people prefer using both stacks on Lightning Throw but using at least one on Death Field is guaranteed to do more damage especially when you are able to hit more than one target (on the second stack of Recklessness not the first!)


What rotation? Death Field→ Force Storm.. (?)

I’d rather use Death Field once (on adds) and then head back to the boss to make sure i keep my dots up. AoE is better handled by the token Lightning Sith Sorcerer or the Orbital Strikes and Freighter Flybys

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  • Paowee

    Added your parse to the leaderboards Buddy :)

  • Buddy

    I switched from tk to balance for hm df due to pushback. This past week I decided to try the old hybrid spec and got the highest sage parse on 8m HM Draxus on torparse. Hybrid still seems very viable as well.

    • Paowee

      can you post the torparse?

      • Buddy
        Seems that you and Pelara have both knocked me off of the top spot! :P

        • Paowee

          By the way added your parse to the 8-man leaderboards :)

  • Sindariel

    Another thing I forgot to mention:

    I’m not a fan of using Recklessness on Death Field because:
    - each hit of Death Field consumes one charge of Recklessness and you may end up wasting a charge on some useless add. This doesn’t affect your total DPS, but the damage should go were it belongs.
    - Recklessness increases your critical hit chance by 60%, not 100%. So, there’s still a very slight chance that DF doesn’t crit and you’ve wasted one charge. It’s also possible that DF gets resisted, depending on your accuracy rating.

    I’d rather use both charges on Force Lightning, since each individual tick is affected by the increased critical hit chance. If one tick doesn’t crit or gets resisted, it’s not a big loss.
    But this is just my personal preference.

    • Paowee

      That’s #5 of Key Points :) Our guys at /r/swtor were very keen at talking about the behavior of Recklessness and Death Field. It was suggested that if you use FL on the first stack of Recklessness and use DF for the 2nd, you can have DF crit on all the targets it can hit. However if you do the other way around and use DF first, it will use up not 1 but both stacks of Recklessness thus wasting it.

    • pelara

      If an ability doesn’t crit it doesn’t consume a stack of Recklesness ;)

      • Paowee

        If only I can upvote this :P

    • Paowee

      Jumprun4112 submitted on 2013/11/12 at 1:06 pm | In reply to Sindariel.

      Game is down for maintenance so I don’t have my tree in front of me, but I figured I should point out a few things.

      -I use to put points into the 2% alacrity but it seemed like a waste. It doesn’t take much time to get a deathfield (for deathmark) and your dots on a target. After that, its usually FL until something is off cooldown. Most of the time, you’ll get at least 1 insta-cast LS before CD is off cooldown. Either way, the FL you end up doing easily maintains the 4 stacks of Focal Lightning for the alacrity boost, making the 2% in alacrity not so appealing.

      -Big thumbs up to using FL then DF on recklessness. Even ignoring the fact that DF might use both charges if used first, the dps from DF crits over a fight is greater than the ticks from FL ticks. I don’t have the links but I know this has been proven many times.

      -There is still some technique to trying to get the deathmark charges only used by Affliction and CT, instead of CD, but I have never had luck trying to manage that. With three dots using those charges, they get used up way faster than CD does so it’s easier to focus on the other stuff that you can control.

      -I don’t believe in using consumption to regain force unless I absolutely have to. FL does a great job of maintaining force. What I do run into is having things come off C/D mid FL cast. What I recommend is simple. In short fights or movement heavy fights where force is not too much an issue, feel free to stop a FL mid cast to reapply dots. In fights where force is a concern, make sure you let you FL casts finish before reapplying dots. If force management still ends up being an issue, then go ahead an waste a few GCD’s on consumption and maybe your self heal.

  • Sindariel

    The static rotation would be Creeping Terror -> Affliction -> Death Field -> Crushing Darkness with Wrath proc -> Force Lightning Spam / Lightning Strike with Wrath proc.
    This way, your dots line up with your Death Field’s cooldown, very well (with a ~1s gap due to GCD reduction from alacrity). In addition, you can spam Force Lightning without clipping it.

    Just as a side note: In a 5 min parse with the priority order, you only gain 2 more Death Fields compared to the static rotation.

    • Paowee

      Awesome! I’ll test it later tonight and fraps a dummy video showing this rotation. As long as it keeps up all your DoTs, keep CrD and DF on cooldown, this as a good addition to the write-up and can help new players.

  • Sindariel

    Nice guide and you covered the most important things, but I have a few comments and suggestions from my personal experiences.

    Priority order vs. static rotation:

    You’re suggesting a priority order with Death Field on cooldown. This is ok, but it also causes some problems.
    - Keeping track of your dot uptime gets more difficult since your skills don’t line up.
    - Managing your force and wrath procs gets more difficult, because you have to clip Force Lightning more often to keep your dots and DF on cooldown.
    DPS-wise, there’s no difference between a priority order and a static rotation, but the static rotation is much easier to handle.

    Convection – I found this to be a dps loss.
    In madness spec, the only skills affected by this talent are Lightning Strike and Crushing Darkness. Since Lightning Strike isn’t used that often and both skills are already boosted by 35% from wrath proc and an additional 20% on Crushing Darkness from Deathmark, those 4% from Convection are barely noticeable.

    Subversion – Obviously a dps loss and the benefit to force regeneration is questionable.
    While maintaining your rotation, you almost never get more than two stacks of Subversion and most of the time, you end up having only one stack.
    After some testing, I came to the conclusion that this talent isn’t worth the points.

    In my parses, the generic 5/5/36 build has proven to be the most beneficial and highest parsing build.

    • Paowee

      Hey thanks for the input! Convection and Subversion is probably a lower DPS spec but I thought it would be good to point out some alternatives. The +3% Crit and +2% Alacrity is still the recommended DPS spec of choice (as seen in Nibbon’s DPS thread).

      Looking at that same thread, the Madness/Balance rotation is more of a priority instead of a rotation. Can you share the static rotation that you use?

  • TDKSaroq

    I’ve tried using lightning strike in my rotation but it becomes cumbersome to manage in an operation and usually ends up with a dps loss. Also the force lightning spam after casting your dots is only 3-4 at best. If you consume it late into that you’ll miss the proc for crushing darkness. I’m mostly 78s and some 72s and do 2850+ dps on a dummy after 5 minutes.

    • Paowee

      That’s true. Sometimes I can get a lot of Wrath procs and sometimes I can go as far as 1 and a half FL casts before Wrath procs. Within 15 seconds (of CrD’s) cooldown though, I should be able to do at least 1 Wrath’d Lightning Strike unless RNG is really bad.

  • Daeriaz

    last parse was at 2459 dps. My gear is a mix of 72/78 – 2 pc set bonus.

    Will try again
    Thanks mate

  • Daeriaz

    sorry, my bad. I meant using Lightning Strike on all Wrath and no CD at all.

    • paoweeotter

      You have to use Wrath for CrD first. And to keep CrD ticking on your target on cooldown. When CrD is on cooldown is when you want to use Wrath for Lightning Strike.

      The management part comes when you have no Wrath when CrD comes off cooldown (because you used Wrath for Lightning Strike). If you can keep Wrath’d CrD on cooldown and use all your other Wrath for Lightning Strike that should be a DPS increase. It is definitely more work and keep track of in a raid.

  • Daeriaz

    Thanks heaps for all the good work!
    I saw in your Sage version that using only Lightning Strike on Wrath may be an alternative and still doing good dps. Especially with the force regen talent on Lightning Strike. Is that a viable option?

    Daeriaz / Madness Sorcerer @Pax Fatalis / Harbinger

    • paoweeotter

      It is. Nibbon also found that using Lightning Striked Wrath when CrD is on cooldown is a DPS increase over a sustained period.

      I posted about it as well during 2.0 PTS but that post is long gone. You can test it yourself with MOX.

      1. Force Lightning spam for 3 minutes and take note of your DPS. Then do
      2. Force Lightning spam with 1 Wrath’d Lightning Strike at the end of each Force Lightning, for 3 minutes and you will see a DPS increase.