Hybrid DPS [Theorycrafting]

Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards are the first and best line of defense in the Republic Military.  Tactics trains the Vanguard how to more effectively deal with close range combatants.  Assault Specialist teaches explosives and grenades to complement either rifles or heavy cannons.


Currently we have Tactics and Assault Specialist as the DPS trees for Vanguard.  I have NOT extensively parsed both because I am playing around with the Vanguard Hybrid DPS build.


Click for the spec in torhead.com

Click here for the Powertech build.

Why run a Hybrid build? Well mainly because of parses from this guy.

  • 3300 DPS
  • 3000 DPS
  • 3700 DPS in a 16-man Hard Mode raid

Now we don’t know a lot about his specific playstyle.  Could the parses have been doctored to produce these results? I don’t think so.  He comes from a reputable 16-man guild in POT5, Severity Gaming .  This sparked my curiosity and that is why I am planning on playing my Vanguard DPS next.


Thank goodness for torparse because we can see exactly what he does as far as rotation goes.  Granted I have not looked at it THAAAT much but at a glance we can see he does the following things

  • Ion Pulse and Stockstrike to reset High Impact Bolt / Flame Burst and Rocket Punch to reset Rail Shot
  • High Impact Bolt every ~6 seconds / Rail Shot every ~6 seconds
  • Ion Pulse to get 3 stacks of Pulse Generator / Flame Burst to get 3 stacks of Flamethrower
  • Pulse Generator every 15 seconds / Flamethrower every 15 seconds
  • Keep Gut up for the damage increase (talent) / Retractable Blade
  • among other things like cooldown use (Incendiary Round with that ability that reduces its cost to 0…), Shoulder Cannon use, etc etc.

If you want to take a look at it yourself then check out these raid parses made on October 22, 2013


His gear is as good as it gets.  His Pulse Cannon crits for around 5000 whereas mine at the moment crits for around 3000.  Also it seems like he is using 2 Serendipitous Assault relics and this can be verified by checking his Log and searching for (CTRL+F) “gains Power Surge.”  You see 2 of them pop up at regular ~20ish second intervals.  BiS for SA relics at the moment seem to be 1 Obroan Serendipitous Assault (PVP) which can be farmed for around 600 Warzone comms and ~1500 Ranked Warzone comms and its PVE (Dread Forged) version.


I’m excited to play my Vanguard DPS and see how this class fares in 16-man Hard Mode content! :)

  • http://swtorboard.org/ Paowee

    Got some feedback from C-tor and added them into the Vanguard and DPS write-ups

  • ender

    Is he 8/22/16 or 2/22/22?

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  • Ash-kikr

    This is the same spec I ran pre “AP buff/Hybrid nerf”. I think I’ve been had by the hype from BW as I have not compared them since the changes………….Thanks for answering the question I have been wanting to ask.

  • QQ


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  • gpoirier16

    If you always use Flamethrower with 3 stacks, I believe the only change they made is to reduce the heat cost (2 per stack). But I guess the heat management was enough of a problem for pyro that it might make a big difference.

    The patch notes list the following changes that doesn’t affect hybrid:
    - Increased the cost of Immolate to 10 heat (up from 8) and increased the damage it deals.
    - Prototype Weapon Systems now additionally increases the critical strike damage bonus for Flame Thrower by 10/20/30%.
    - Power Loaders now additionally increases the critical hit chance of Rocket Punch by 2/4/6%.

    I have no idea how much dps difference those can make, but that’s the changes I was referring to.

    When Bioware first talked about those changes, it was in relation to concern that hybrid was better than full AP or full Pyro. So if hybrid is still better, they really failed with this change. But Bioware do pretend that Sniper full lethality is better at single target sustain dps than eng/lethality hybrid, despite all evidence to the contrary. So that wouldn’t be the first time they fail at their goal with hybrid specs.

    • http://swtorboard.org/ Paowee

      You and C-tor share the sameish thoughts about Hybrid. This is quote from his post on the swtor forums

      “Honestly hybrid is a lot better for almost all of these fights because of the amount of adds, and the single target damage is significantly higher than the other full trees. Let’s be honest, the devs don’t know how to balance dps classes and specs in this game. If I’m parsing for 3.6k in hybrid, the full trees should be around 3.65-3.7. The dev solution is going to make hybrid parse for something retarded like 3k, while full trees remain at 3.3k. The full trees need a buff, hybrid doesn’t need a nerf. That will put them within that intended 5% gap of the op gunslingers and sentinels.”


  • gpoirier16

    So even with the 2.4 changes to Vanguard / PT dps, hybrid is still better than going for the 36-pt talent in either dps tree?

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      I do not have enough BiS gear to fully test it myself so i am only going off the actual parses (both raid and single target dummy) of this guy (C-tor, Nefra raid parse). He is probably close to 3700 aim with BiS MH and relics too.

      If you think about it, the 36-pt talent in pyro is a single target direct-damge + dot. You trade this off for 3xPulse Generator which seems to do more damage single target. Add the fact that it is an AoE and that probably is one way he was able to do 3700 in the Grob’thok fight.

      • gpoirier16

        Well, I mentioned either dps tree, but I was mostly thinking of the middle tree, Advanced Prototype / Tactics. That’s the tree that really got more attention with 2.4, and that was a real buff as I understand it. One of the lower talents (Retractable blade, the dot) had its damage reduced, and some of the upper talents that are not included in the hybrid build were buffed.

        • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

          The biggest change with AP / Tactics was the 3xPulse Generator/Flamethrower and the Hybrid build has access to this as well. Basically you use 3xPulse Generator with Assault/Pyro’s HiB & Railshot spam and that is the bulk of your rotation. Hybrid is still strong and apparently is one of the Top DPS of Severity Gaming (16-m NIM guild).

          My VG is still getting geared up and will post parses and a write-up as soon as i get a 75/78 MH and 3500+ aim.

  • KTap

    I run ops with C-tor in Severity Gaming and there is definitely no doctoring going on, he just knows the class extremely well and manages abilities correctly while being in the correct position.

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      Ofcourse! That was meant as a joke KT >_< Editted the OP for clarity :)

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      I see a huge spike in damage when I do right positioning myself. Love that 3 stacks of Pulse Generator when adds come out :)