Focus Guardian

Focus is thought to just revolve around Force Sweep but thats not quite it. It revolves around how much of the heavy hitters you can get in with your Heightened Power buff after each Force Sweep, and how much rage you can keep with just Combat Focus and Sundering Strike without using your auto-attack. With the 2 pc Guardian set bonus you should still only use your auto attack about 5 times in a 6-7 minute parse. With the 2-pc Guardian PvE set bonus your Saber Throw is good enough for rage generation coupled with Combat Focus and Sunder.


Table of Contents:


sundering_stirke saberthrow combat_focus force_leap zealous_leap slash master_strike dispatch force_sweep force_exhaustion blade_storm

New in 2.0!  An excellent defensive ability that can mitigate *most* single target attacks directed at you.  It does not work for AoE abilities like red reticles that persists on the ground.  Some examples of boss mechancis that it mitigates would be TTFB’s Scream, TTFB’s spit attack, Force Lightning from Dread Master Styrak and Force Lightning from the Draxxus fight.  Play around with this ability in operations to see where it works and post them here! :)

Skill Tree 

0/10/36 - Focus

Key Talents & Stance

heightened_power felling_blow singularity shiicho


combat_focus force_leap sundering_stirke felling_blow singularity smash smash force_sweep cascadingpower force_exhaustion master_strike blade_storm zealous_leap slash

Remember you get the Cascading Power buff which increases all damage dealt by 9% for 6 seconds.  You want to use the bolded abilities as much as possible when this buff is up.

Rotation (opener)

  1. Combat Focus - Force Leap – Sunder
  2. Force Sweep (you gain the power boost after Sweep)
  3. Force Exhaustion, Master Strike, Blade Storm,
  4. Zealous Leap and then Slash.
  5. Force Sweep should be up again:  Force Sweep, Sunder, Slash once or twice,
  6. Combat Focus, Slash, Zealous Leap should be up
  7. Force Sweep again. Rinse and repeat.


1. sundering_stirke Armor penetration on your target

2. zealous_leap to give you felling_blow

3. combat_focus to give you singularity.  At 3 stacks use force_sweep

4. force_sweep to give you heightened_power This will give you a power buff for 6 seconds.  Use this buff to do

5. dispatch force_exhaustion master_strike blade_storm in that order.

6. slash spam to lower the cooldown on zealous_leap and force_sweep

7. sundering_stirke for Rage generation

saberthrow instead of auto-attack


Quick rundown:

  1. Have Sunder (armor penetration) up
  2. Zealous Leap into Force Sweep with three stacks
  3. Force Exhaustion after Force Sweep for the power increase,  If Master Strike is up use that as well
  4. Blade Storm after Force Sweep for the power increase
  5. Slash spam for the CD reduction on Zealous Leap and Force Sweep
  6. Sundering Strike and/or Saber Throw when needed
  7. Minimize the use of auto-attack. You do not need it
  8. The most important thing is to get Force Exhastion, Master Strke and Blade Storm inside your Heightened Power buff.  If Dispatch is up use it asap.

Parse (with gear)

3052 DPS - Rage Juggernaut (

  • Reusable attack adrenal and Might stim
  • 75 head
  • 72 chest
  • 78 gloves
  • 78 belt bracer
  • 78 legs
  • 75-78 boots
  • 78 OH
  • 72 MH,
  • Obroan Serendipitous Assault and KD Serendipitous Assault
  • UW implants, Shadowed earpiece

As pointed out by KurtD vicious slash had a very high crit chance at 40%.  This may be the cause of the inflated DPS number however do not forget that the focus and what I would like to stress in this parse/guide is the use of your 3 hard hitting abilities during the Heightened Power buff.  Sweep into Exhaustion, Master Strike and Blade Storm.  Some people use Exhaustion to build up stacks of Singularity but that should not be the case.  Combat Focus should give you the Singularity you need in the beginning of the fight and from there, you use Exhaustion after you use Sweep (for the damage increase).

Gear & Stats

The same as most DPS classes.  Fill in mod slots with Deft (power) mods.  Fill in enhancement slots with Accuracy and when you have reached 100/110% Melee/Force accuracy, start equipping Surge.  (Implants and earpiece will count as enhancement slots).  Finally use Strength augments because your main stat talents makes it worthwhile versus going pure power augments.

Set bonus:

2-pc PVE Guardian DPS and 2-pc PVE Sentinel

  • (2) Reduces the minimum range of Saber Throw by 10 meters
  • (2) Increases the damage done by Ravage or Master Strike by 8%

4-pc PVE Guardian DPS

  • (2) Reduces the minimum range of Saber Throw by 10 meters
  • (4) Increases the damage done by Force Scream or Blade Storm by 10%

Personal preference.  The parse above uses 4-pc Sentinel bonus (legacy transferred.  It will do more DPS with 2-pc Guardian set bonus due to Saber Throw replacing the auto-attack)


A lot of choices here.  BioWare is diversifying the relic choices but you can’t go wrong with Boundless Ages and Serendipitous Assault.  Personal preference of author is

  • Serendipitous Assault
  • Focused Retribution

Rage Juggernaut video

  • Rydarus/GrandLordMenace/LordBadTamaru

    Not bad. I run with some crit and my crit percentages were way overblown, but its my off spec so yeah…

    I really need my damn 78 mh so i can actually compete with some of you guardian folks…

    And I’ve actually unbound saber throw for dummy parsing just to reduce the cd on sweep. I use it for bosses though.

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  • Kishekzun
  • Kishekzun

    Its is an old record my new record is 3433 :)

    • Paowee

      Can we see that 3433 Vigilance parse? :)

  • Kishekzun

    I try too, but sometimes it is not possible because of cd.

  • Kishekzun

    Now i have my 78 Mh and i made some tries with focus spec, it’s nice, i prefere vigilance but on some boss it’s not bad .
    Here is my best on dummy :

    5% less than my better try in vigilance so it can be great on some bosses :)!

    • paoweeotter

      That is a nice parse? Did you use Exhaust, Ravage and Scream inside your Cascading Power buff? Was it a noticeable DPS increase?

  • Cuo

    I Don’t know why people dismiss Fous/Rage so easily. Not every boss fight has a single and stationary target like the dummy.

    I switch to focus when my raid team is on Draxus and Corrupter and focus easily out performs Vig and most other classes.

    • paoweeotter

      Probably because of the stigma that Smash/Rage/Focus has from PvP. Mechanics make Vengeance/Vigilance difficult to max-out in raids (reliance on Ravage/Master Strike among other things). Rage/Focus doesn’t have that, in fact, it has nothing but advantages in a raid because of the presence of multiple targets and the removal of heal-to-full boss mechanics in Dread Fortress and Dread Palace.

  • KurtD

    You should let people know that you havea freakishly lucky parse here. Your Vicious Slash crit an awful lot, and the only way people will get this same result is by being really good, and lucky.

    Vig/Veng has a consistently higher performance, except for these statistical outliers. This spec is much less dependent on chance, so statistical outliers are easy to obtain.

    • paoweeotter

      That may be right, however correct me if i’m wrong but what i was trying to achieve with this guide is the stress on Heightened Power into Crush, Master Strike and then Blade Storm. Some people think of Crush as a way to get stacks for Sweep when in fact it is supposed to be used after Sweep for the Power increase. Thanks for the input tho and will adjust the page.

    • Mauull

      actually this is a pretty unlucky parse for me. i usualyl do 3100+ but thanks for your concern.