Rage Juggernaut


Non-BiS 75 gear with 72 MH, PVP Relic and only 1-2 78 pieces

parses by Okuy aka Mauull

Smash is thought to just be revolved around smashing, thats not quite it. It revolves around how much of the heavy hitters you can get in with your power surge after each smash, and how much rage you can keep with just enrage and sunder without using your auto-attack. With the 2 pc jugg set bonus you should still only assault about 5 times in a 6-7 minute parse.  With 2pc jugg pve set bonus your saber throw is good enough for rage generation coupled with enrage and sundering assault.

Table of Contents:


sunder saberthrowsith enrage forcecharge obliterate viciousslash ravage viciousthrow smash forcecrush forcescream
saberreflectguardian New in 2.0!  An excellent defensive ability that can mitigate *most* single target attacks directed at you.  It does not work for AoE abilities like red reticles that persists on the ground.  Some examples of boss mechancis that it mitigates would be TTFB’s Scream, TTFB’s spit attack, Force Lightning from Dread Master Styrak and Force Lightning from the Draxxus fight.  Play around with this ability in operations to see where it works and post them here! :)

Skill Tree 

0/10/36 - Rage

Key Talents & Stance

cascadingpower dominate shockwave shiicho


enrage forcecharge sunder dominate shockwave smash smash smash cascadingpower forcecrush ravage smash obliterate viciousslash

Remember you get the Cascading Power buff which increases all damage dealt by 9% for 6 seconds.  You want to use the bolded abilities as much as possible when this buff is up.


The first rotation is “Pop enrage right before the fight, Force charge, Sunder (adrenal if you have), smash, (while the power boost is up) hit Force Crush and Ravage asap, folloed by Scream, Obliterate and then Vicious slash.  Smash should be up again: Smash, Sunder, Vicious slash (once or twice) and pop Enrage again. Vicious slash once more folloed by Obliterate should then Smash. Rinse and repeat.


sunder Armor penetration on your target

obliterate to give you dominate

enrage to give you shockwave.  At 3 stacks use smash

smash to give you cascadingpower This will give you Cascading Power for 6 seconds.  Use this buff to do

viciousthrow forcecrush ravage smash in that order.

viciousslash spam to lower the cooldown on Obliterate and Smash.

sunder for Rage generation

saberthrowsith when Sundering Assault is on cooldown


Quick rundown:

  1. Have sunder (armor penetration) up
  2. Obliterate into Smash with three stacks and your auto-crit buff.
  3. Force Crush after Smash for the power increase,  If Ravage is up use that as well
  4. Force Scream after Smash for the power increase
  5. Vicious Slash spam for the CD reduction on Obliterate and Smash
  6. Sundering Assault and/or Saber Throw when needed
  7. Minimize the use of Auto-attack. You do not need it
  8. The most important thing is to get Force Crush, Ravage and Force Scream into your Cascading Power buff.  If Vicious Throw is up use it after Force Crush but before Ravage.

Parse (with gear)

3052 DPS (torparse.com)

  • Reusable attack adrenal and Might stim
  • 75 head
  • 72 chest
  • 78 gloves
  • 78 belt bracer
  • 78 legs
  • 75-78 boots
  • 78 OH
  • 72 MH,
  • Obroan Serendipitous Assault and KD Serendipitous Assault
  • UW implants, Shadowed earpiece

Gear & Stats

The same as most DPS classes.  Fill in mod slots with Deft (power) mods.  Fill in enhancement slots with Accuracy and when you have reached 100/100% Melee/Force accuracy, you start equipping Surge.  (Implants and earpiece will count as enhancement slots).  Finally use Strength augments because your main stat talents makes it worthwhile versus power augments.

Set bonus:

2-pc PVE Jugg and 2-pc PVE Marauder

  • (2) Reduces the minimum range of Saber Throw by 10 meters
  • (2) Increases the damage done by Ravage or Master Strike by 8%

4-pc PVE Jugg

  • (2) Reduces the minimum range of Saber Throw by 10 meters
  • (4) Increases the damage done by Force Scream or Blade Storm by 10%

Personal preference.  The 2-pc Jugg 2-pc Marauder set bonus was used in the parse above.


A lot of choices here.  BioWare is diversifying the relic choices but you can’t go wrong with Boundless Ages and Serendipitous Assault.  Mauull’s preference is

  • Serendipitous Assault
  • Focused Retribution
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  • Macewindy

    Whoops ….. In my previous comment I didnt saw you were a rage jugg and not a rage marauder.
    Don’t have a guardian, only a sentinel. It would be tough to compare it I fear (alltough it certainly has similarities).

    Do you also have a marauder and idea’s for smash on those?

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      I do have a Marauder but have not played around in Rage spec. I believe it is going to be the same where you want Crush, Ravage and Scream within Cascading Power with the difference coming from Berserk acting a little bit differently than Enrage

      • Macewindy

        Jip, main difference is the 12 free rage after zen and the 15 seconds cooldown on it.
        I’m not sure about it since my slash deals the most damage in my parses, followed by forcesweep. I think I might overdo on the slashing to get zen and sweep up again

        • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

          I don’t think Slash hinders Force Sweep does it? Sometimes you might delay Bladestorm for the Heightened Power buff but that shouldn’t be the case with Slash. Or am i missing something here? :)

    • Mauull

      Play anni for mara. i have one an ca do around 3300 single target. its to stronk to play/bother with rage.

  • Kobal

    For how long will you delay a Ravage coming off cooldown so you can get it into the Cascading Power window?

    Also … unless your latency is perfect, if you go Smash, Force Crush, Ravage then the last – and biggest – tick of Ravage will no longer be affected by Cascading Power.

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      It does fit into the cascading power buff. If you look at the video, Smash -> Force Crush -> Ravage and Scream at the very end of Ravage. Watch for it here 1:30 seconds in


      as you can see there is less than a second to fit in Scream after your last Ravage hit before Cascading Power runs out.

      • Kobal

        Hmm, then where was my math off? Cascading Power lasts for 6 seconds. Now after you hit Smash you have
        - The GCD of Smash winding down, 1,5 seconds
        - Force Crush and its GCD winding down, another 1,5 seconds
        - The channeling of Ravage, another 3 seconds

        Totalling 6 seconds, without any latency induced delays.

        • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

          Have you seen the video clip? It shows there that it can be done. You may have to use Scream right at the very end of Ravage (and not wait for the actual channel to finish). An easier way to do it is glance at your buff bar and hit Scream just before Cascading Power runs out


        • Mauull

          Hit buttons hard an fast. Or sing your favorite Disney jingle an believe in the magic.

  • Holmes

    Nice video but hum, you have tank main and offhand right ? ^^

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      Yes tank MH and OH shield generator

      • Holmes

        Why ? ^^

        • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

          I legacy transferred my Marauder (and all my Str DPS gear when I moved to The Harbinger ^^

  • Mauull

    Also the four piece mara set bonus was used in the parse above, i had my shared gear on.

  • Mauull

    cant be asked.

  • Mauull

    The parse with gear, i forgot to mention wasnt in that many 78s when i did that parse. but its Still good.

    • http://swtorboard.wordpress.com paoweeotter

      You think you can fraps a video? :)