How to get 2600 -> 1900 -> 1300 Power

Works with any tier as long as one is PVP and one is PVE:

  1. Equip an Obroan Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  2. Equip a Dread Forged Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  3. Spec one point into a (sustained or consistent) self-heal talent (all 3 specs of Snipers/Slingers, Annihilation/Watchmen, Madness Inquisitors/Consulars)
  4. Hit the boss


  • WITHOUT a self-heal talent the relics look like they are working as intended.  You can see 2 Power Surges procs on my buff bar.  This is followed by a long period of silence before seeing the 2 Power Surge buffs again.  Power is buffed to 2500 and goes back to normal at 1300 Power.

  • WITH a self-heal talent, the relic seem to bug out and  you can see 2 Power Surge buffs (2500 Power) followed by a single Power Surge buff (1900 Power) before going back to normal at 1300 Power.

  • Macewindy

    This is definently not intended. However I don’t think this is to bad. The mainstat proc relic isnt bad either. Mathaticly SA is outperforming DR. In reallity its very tough to hit your high hitting attacks in a 6 second window (to much RNG). The mainstat-relic increases the window to 12 seconds.

    Quote from Amber:
    “Hey there folks,
    This is a bug that we’re quite aware of, and we’re working on a fix for Game Update 2.4.2, and to clarify any confusion, it is absolutely not intended for relics that have the same on-hit effect to stack.
    We’ll be adding this to the Known Issues with the next update.”


    • paoweeotter

      Thanks for giving us some good BW excerpt Macewindy!

  • Shulk

    Wait…what? Unless I am mistaken, I tested both relic combinations with my Sniper. I possess the Obroan and the Dread Forged SA ones but they don’t stack together on my end. Did the recent patch allow both relics to proc together again?

    • paoweeotter

      I have more questions than answers as well. I took a video of it.. you be the judge >_<. Check out the frequency of the Power Surge buffs and check the Power indicated on my character sheet.
      Also did you have 1 point into Vital Regulators?

    • Macewindy

      They do stack (at least my obroan and underworld are).
      However bioware has stated to have a fix coming in the next patch.

      • paoweeotter

        I think the confusion comes from this being broken, then fixed (then now broken and going to get fixed again). T_T