SWTOR 2.6 Sniper DPS guide by B’oarder

Intro to Snipers

The first thread to bring out the Corrosive Dart Marksmanship build can be found here, written by SamuelAU from the Gunslinger class forums. Table of Contents:

Sniper (mouse-over to see Gunslinger terminologies) 

example:  EvasionShield ProbeEntrench


DPS abilities
AoE abilities
Offensive cooldowns
Defensive cooldowns

Others:  Energy abilities

Utility abilities

CC abilities



Damage types link


16m HM Raptus from Vexena

There are four damage types in SW:TOR. Kinetic, Energy, Force and Energy.  Most of Marksman’s DPS is of the energy attack type and is mitigated by armor.  An armor penetration debuff needs to be present on the target in order for Marksman’s abilities to do its max damage. 

Skill tree

36/3/7 - The alterntive is taking 1 point out of Lethality  and put it into Vital Regulators.  This exploits a “bug” with the Kell Dragon Serendipitous Assault relic and allows it to have a loner uptime



Passive benefits from skills

      1. Gearhead +3% Cunning
      2. Marksmanship +3% Ranged and Tech Accuracy
      3. Lethality +3% Ranged and Tech Critical Chance
      4. Deadly Directive +2% Alacrity
      5. Sniper’s Nest increases your energy regen by 1 as long as you stay in cover
      6. Snap Shot can be a DPS loss in a sustained fight since it requires you to go out of cover and lose extra regen from Sniper’s Nest.  Snipe takes 1.5 second to cast and Snap Shot uses up a 1 GCD. Both takes the same amount of time.  Cast Snipe instead of going in and out of cover to try and proc Snap Shot


1. Cover Pulse is an excellent damage mitigation ability on mobs that can get rooted and knocked back

2. Diversion applies an accuracy debuff on your target and removes them from cover.  Does not work on bosses.

3. Shatter Shot applies an armor penetration debuff and is not part of your normal rotation.  When there are no Juggernauts or Arsenal Mercenaries hitting your target, you will have to apply this debuff every 45 seconds.  Armor Penetration does not stack. Talented by Debilitating Shots

4. Leg Shot is a 30-m root and can be talented to impair movement after the root wears off.  There aren’t a lot of uses for Leg Shot in end-game except for very specific fights like Brontes’ and Nightmare Styrak where it works on the blue orbs and the phase where adds close in on the raid. Talented by Debilitating Shots.

Defensive abilities and cooldowns

1. Covered Escape is arguably one of the strongest defensive abilities in the game.  The tooltip says 100% chance to dodge attacks and in-game this means 100% chance to mitigate all and any kind of damage as long as you can time it right.  Learning the timing of Covered Escape is key to turning it from a mere 18-m roll into a ~1.5 second invulnerability

2. Ballistic Shield along with Orbital Strike is the Sniper’s distinguishing ability.  Snipers are very desirable not only for their ranged DPS but for this AoE 20% damage reduction to any ally that remain inside.  The area of effect is huge and should be used to cover as much allies as possible.  Use it in anticipation of incoming raid wide damage to reduce the damage taken per second of your raid.

3. Entrench grants you immunity to CC, knockback and movement impairing effects throughout its duration.  As Marksman it gives a huge 60% AoE damage reduction.  I treat this ability like somewhat of a “passive offensive cooldown.”  When other specs and other classes would run out to try to avoid AoE mechanics, I simply pop Entrench and Shield Probe and tank all that damage or to make myself immune to all forms of CC.  This is an effective way to increase your DPS because it allows you to turret and continue your rotation unhindered.

Offensive cooldowns

1. Laze Target makes your next Snipe an automatic critical hit.

2. Target Acquired gives you an armor penetration buff for several seconds and gives you a flat amount of energy when wearing the 2pc Field Tech.  Best DPS is achieved by using Target Acquired with Series of Shots and Sniper Volley.  The armor penetration buff lasts for the full duration of 2 Series of Shots

1. Orbital Strike as of PTS Patch 2.6 had its damage, energy cost, cast time and its cooldown reduced.

PTS 2.6 Svii

With Sniper Volley the cast time is reduced to less than a GCD.  But according to this tooltip it now deals 3912 elemental damage over 3 seconds. Snipe > Orbital Strike for the GCD.  One good thing that will come out of this change though is that it will help keep Corrosive Dart up much more easier.

Marksman Abilities

2. Ambush is your single highest critting ability.  In Dread Forged gear it can crit for up to 10000 damage on boss targets with the right buffs and debuffs

3. Snipe is your staple slash “spammable” ability and is used to give you a variety of procs that allow you to have a fluid rotation

4. Followthrough is very energy efficient and is at the center of Marksman’s single target rotation.  This will be your most used ability because of Recoil Control.  Every time you do 2 Snipes, 1 Ambush, finish the channel of Series of Shots and do 1 Takedown, you reset the cooldown on Followthrough

5. Corrosive Dart used to be an ignored ability in the Marksman rotation.  But parses in the past year have shown that when spec’d with Corrosive Microbes from the Lethality, is actually a DPS gain of up to 200 DPS on the high end.  The parse in green was made using 36/3/7.  The parse in red was made using 36/10/0 with talents to Explosive Probe and Orbital Strike from the Engineering tree.

Patch 2.5 In 36/3/7 Orbital Strike did 351 DPS and Corrosive Dart did 250 DPS.  In 36/10/0 Orbital Strike 390 DPS but Corrosive Dart did only 65 DPS.  Parses are leaning towards 36/3/7 as the best sustained DPS spec for Marksmanship Snipers.  Corrosive Dart spec was parsed and discussed more in this thread.

6. Explosive Probe is a situational use ability.  Some people use this ability and some prefer not to.  Explosive Probe is a low DPS ability in the 36/3/7 spec

7. Series of Shots is a channeled ability and deals good damage for the energy cost.  Damage is dealt immediately upfront and 3 more ticks throughout its duration

8. Sniper Volley is the capstone ability of the Marksman tree.  The energy regen is very strong and alacrity buff allows you to speed your way through your abilities thus increasing your DPS.

9. Takedown is your hard hitting “execute” ability useable on targets under 30% hp.

Priorities for cooldowns

Priorities for AoE

      1. Orbital Strike when it will hit at least 2 targets
      2. Fragmentation Grenade when it will hit at least 3 targets
      3. Suppressive Fire should never be used in a raid setting.  The damage is too low and the energy cost too high.  Use the energy instead to continue your rotation which will do more DPS

Damage distribution link


16m HM Raptus from Vexena

Most of your damage will come from Serious of Shots and Followthrough, followed by Ambush and Snipe.  The rotation revolves around proccing Followthrough as often as you can and normally (aside from AoE DPS), a player who is able to keep his Series of Shots, Ambush on cooldown more will proc more Followthroughs and do more DPS.  Followthrough should always be at the top of your damage done with Series of Shots trailing closely behind.  Explosive Probe costs too much energy and shouldn’t be part of your sustained single target rotation.  Corrosive Dart in this spec contributes good extra DPS for the cost.  With the changes in 2.6, Corrosive Dart is now easier to apply thanks to its longer duration.


Marksmanship is quite easy to play because it follows a strict rotation.

osambushcdeptaafollowthroughsossvfollowthroughsosfollowthroughsnipesnipefollowthroughambushfollowthrough …


Marksmanship is centered around the talent Recoil Control. Everytime you use  Snipe twice, Ambush once, Takedown once, or finish a full round of Series of Shots, your Followthrough cooldown is reset.  This  sums up the basic rotation of Marksmanship DPS which is the line below (repeated to infinity):


sosfollowthroughsnipesnipefollowthroughambushfollowthrough …

#2 With the exception of sub-30% execute phase where we swap Quickdraw in for Trickshot.  If factored in the rotation should look something like this:

sosfollowthrough / tdsnipesnipefollowthrough / tdambushfollowthrough / td  …

Sub 30% phase.  Execute phase allows the use of Quickdraw which does very high damage for the GCD. At the moment the best use of Quickdraw is to substitute it where Trickshot should be.  Using Quickdraw will proc a Trickshot but we do not want to use it. Instead continue with your next ability (which is either Speed ShotAimed Shot or Charged Burst)

#3 (PARSE ANALYSIS by Falver) Burst Volley increases your alacrity and allow you to go through your rotation faster.  This means that there will be “potholes” or extra GCDs that will pop out in your #1 rotation.  These holes should be filled up with fillers which will vary depending on your situation. However for the most damage per activation, you should use:

os Orbital Strike 20~21 DPS
ep Explosive Probe 17~18 DPS
followthrough Followthrough 16-17 DPS
rifleshot Rifle Shot 8~9 DPS

#4 Vital Shot

Vital Shot has a chance to tick twice because of Mortal Wound.  Vital Shot is also quite taxing to sustain because of its high energy cost and because this spec does not take Energy Tanks from the Saboteur tree. However the 2.6 PTS patch notes lowered the energy of XS Freighter Flyby.  Because of this Vital Shot is a lot easier to maintain now.  In fact it is now crucial that you keep this dot up a 100% of the time.

#5 Summary (Important points)

  1. Use Orbital Strike on cooldown
  2. Keep Corrosive Dart up on the target 100% of the time
  3. Stick to your basic rotation and do not delay Ambush and Series of Shots. Doing so will be a DPS loss
  4. When Takedown is available, use it IN PLACE of Followthrough.  Do not use the Followthrough that procs from activating Takedown (and proceed to your (Snipe, Ambush, Series of Shots instead)

sossvfollowthroughepsosfollowthroughsnipesnipefollowthroughambushfollowthrough …

#6 Corrosive Dart

Keeping a 100% uptime on Corrosive Dart should be ones top priority because the extra DPS will add up over a long period of time.  Do not let it delay you from keeping your other abilities on cooldown though.  In 2.6 this spec has been buffed with a longer duration on the dot.  This should be easier and less taxing to maintain.  It has been generally agreed in the class forums by multiple Sniper players that it is best to keep Corrosive Dart at 100% uptime.

Energy management & cooldowns

Sniper’s Nest – is your basic force regen talent. You get +1 energy regen while in cover. This is one of the reasons using Snap Shot is so detrimental. Over a long period of time the quick glances out of cover will accumulate to reduce your sustained energy regen.

Sniper Volley and Target Acquired – is kind of a mix between energy cooldown and offensive cooldown. You want to use it to reset Series of Shots and you want to use it with Illegal Mods so that those two Series of Shots benefit from the armor penetration. This is the best way to use Target Acquired because Series of Shots is your one of your top DPS abilities (first being Followthrough which you will be using inside the window anyway).

Adrenaline Probe – it is what it is. 50 energy given back over 3 seconds. Use it offensively by spamming Snipe or save it for when you mess up your rotation and end up below optimum energy levels.

Parse analysis by Claimed <Phobos>, The Harbinger

Sample Parse 1

          • 29.35 DPS per activation of Takedown
          • 26.27 DPS per activation Aimed Shot
          • 16.33 DPS per activation of Followthrough

Sample parse 2

          • 22.23 DPS per activation of Takedown
          • 22.97 DPS per activation of Aimed Shot
          • 16.43 DPS per activation of Followthrough

How do these numbers translate into your rotation? Because the Marksman rotation is a repeating pattern of:

sosfollowthroughsnipesnipefollowthroughambushfollowthrough …

When the boss is under 30% HP, Takedown should be used in place of Followthrough whenever it becomes available.

sosfollowthroughsnipesnipetdambushfollowthrough …

The premise here is that we want to keep Series of Shots and Ambush strictly on cooldown and so the Followthrough proc from using Takedown is ignored.  If you use Followthrough after Takedown here, you are delaying Ambush which will delay Series of Shots which will delay your next Ambush and so on and so forth. 

If someone can further test these and on the forums, that would be great!

Priority List

Changes to sub 30% hp

  1. Takedown  instead of Followthrough.  Using Takedown here will proc a Followthrough.  Do not use that proc and proceed to your next ability instead
  2. Sniper Volley 
  3. Series of Shots
  4. Ambush with 2 stacks of Zeroing Shots
  5. Corrosive Dart
  6. Snipe to get 2 stacks of Zeroing Shots
  7. Rifle Shot 

On Orbital Strike - since it deals about the same damage as Snipe, I would use it over Snipe if it will hit (2 targets throughout  its full duration).  I will use it over Ambush if it will hit 3 targets throughout its full duration. I will use it over Series of Shots if it will hit at least 4 targets throughout its full duration.

Lethality Sniper


Skill tree

5/5/36 - Flash Powder in Lethality is mandatory.  It can be useful for some fights where there are a lot of CC’able add spawns.  Most mobs that aren’t immune to crowd control effects are affected by Accuracy reduction debuffs (strong and standard mobs)

Damage types and damage distribution link

Most of Lethality’s DPS will come from your bleed effects and these are not mitigated by armor.  The yellow ticks from Wounding Shots are considered dot effects and are not mitigated by armor as well. Armor penetration is important but less so compared to Marksmanship.  A big portion of your damage will come from Cull (Wounding Shots)  and your 2 dots put together.  What this simply says is that you need to have 100% uptime on your Corrosive Grenade, Corrosive Dart and that you keep Cull on cooldown to the last second.

16m HM raid parse from Hope

16m HM raid parse from Hope

Passive benefits from skills

Gearhead +3% Cunning
Marksmanship +3% Ranged and Tech Accuracy
Lethality +3% Ranged and Tech Critical Chance
Deadly Directive +2% Alacrity
Augmented Shields +30% damage absorbed by Shield Probe


Cover Pulse is an excellent damage mitigation ability on mobs that can get knocked back and rooted

Shatter Shot applies an armor penetration debuff and is not part of your normal rotation. When there are no Juggernauts or Arsenal Mercenaries hitting your target, you will have to apply this debuff every 45 seconds. Armor Penetration does not stack.

Leg Shot is a 30-m root and can be talented to impair movement after the root wears off. There aren’t a lot of uses for Leg Shot in end-game except for very specific fights like Brontes’ and Nightmare Styrak where it works on the blue orbs and the phase where adds enclose on the raid

Energy cooldowns

1. Adrenaline Probe - you also generate energy on top of the 50 that this gives. Just something to note since you don’t want to be capping on 50 energy with Adrenaline Probe still ticking (50 energy is given slowly over 3 seconds)

2. Target Acquired can be used on cooldown for max DPS or saved to be used as an energy cooldown with the 2-pc Field Tech bonus

Defensive abilities and cooldowns

1. Covered Escape is arguably one of the strongest defensive abilities in the game. The tooltip says 100% chance to evade attacks and in-game this means 100% chance to mitigate all and any kind of damage as long as you can time it right. Learning the timing of to turning it from a mere 18-m roll into a ~1.5 second invulnerability. Talented by Corrosive Mine.

2. Ballistic Shield along with Orbital Strike are 2 the Sniper’s distinguishing ability. Snipers are very desireable not only for their ranged DPS but for this AoE 20% damage reduction so long as they remain under the dome.

3. Entrench grants you immunity to CC, knockback and movement impairing effects throughout its duration. I treat this ability like somewhat of a “passive offensive cooldown.” When other specs and other classes would run out to try to avoid knock back mechanics, simply pop Entrench and Shield Probe and become immune to all forms of CC for several seconds. This is an effective way to increase your DPS because it allows you to continue your rotation unhindered

4. Shield Probe - pretty good defensive cooldown and is buffed in the Lethality tree by Augmented Shields

5. Evasion is a very good defensive cooldown. The dodge mitigates all incoming melee and single target ranged attacks throughout its duration and is a lifesaver when you accidentally see yourself “tanking” the boss. This ability removes all (removable) dots and debuffs on you

6. Countermeasures should be used on cooldown specifically after the first or second Cull in your opener. You won’t need to use the above abilities when you don’t have threat in the first place!

Offensive cooldowns

1. Laze Target makes your next Snipe an automatic critical hit.

2. Target Acquired gives you an armor penetration buff for several seconds and gives you a flat amount of energy when wearing the 2-pc Field Tech set bonus. Note that the armor penetration buff only affects single target ranged attacks and these are depicted by white damage on your target. Best DPS is achieved by using Target Acquired with Cull, Takedown, and then followed by Series of Shots


Lethality Abilities

1. Bleeds – your damage over time effects along with Cull below will make up most of your DPS. It is crucial you have your bleeds up on your target(s) at all times. Your bleeds are improved by these talents in the Lethality tree:

That is a lot of talents that buff your damage over time effects!

2. Cull is your highest DPS ability and will make up a huge part of your damage done. This ability needs to be kept on cooldown as much as you can to give the most DPS. This ability is talented by:

3. Weakening Blast applies a debuff with 10 stacks. Each time one of your dots tick, 1 stack is used. The yellow damage you see from using Cull is considered a dot and uses these stacks up. You want most of these stacks used up by Cull.  You do not want all 10 stacks to be used up by Shrap Bomb or Vital Shot.

4. Corrosive Grenade is your first dot and has an AoE component. Enemies surrounding your target will receive the debuff as well. This ability is buffed by Targeted Demolition.

5. Corrosive Dart is your second dot. Damage isn’t dealt upon application unlike Corrosive Grenade which “ticks” the moment it is applied.

6. Series of Shots is your filler ability that deals moderate damage and flows well with your rotation

7. Takedown has a chance to proc because of Dirty Shot. 99% of the time this ability will proc after Cull so don’t forget to use it when it does.

8. Explosive Probe used to have an important role in Lethality. But due to several patch nerfs, we no longer (spec and) use Explosive Probe. It used to take the place of Takedown before 2.0 but now Takedown is a much better alternative DPS and energ wise

9. Ambush and Snipe are two other filler abilities. You won’t find yourself using these in most situations.

10. Orbital Strike your AoE ability that should only be used when it will hit 2 or more targets, preferrably for the full duration as well. The energy cost, cast time and cooldown is very low (in PTS 2.6) and shouldn’t be hard to squeeze in your rotation. When you find yourself needing extra energy, use Adrenaline Probe or Target Acquired if you have one available.


osambushcdtaatdtd …

Rotation #1

Lethality feels very fluid. You apply your debuffs, you channel abilities, then you apply your debuffs again. It revolves around keeping your highest DPS ability Cull on cooldown as much as possible.

Simply put the Lethality rotation follows this pattern:

cdtdtd … repeat

This is a set rotation and can be memorized and done with your eyes closed once you’ve familiarized yourself with it.

Advanced Rotation #2

Corrosive Mine is a talent introduced to Snipers in 2.0. It leaves a small patch of poisonous clound on the ground where you rolled from and lasts for several seconds.  It doesn’t do a lot of damage but is a source of damage nonetheless. The other downside is it requires you to be in close range of your target.

There is ~1 GCD that appears inside your rotation. Most of the time this GCD is used to auto-attack. You can squeeze Covered Escape in this 1 GCD. The cooldown of Covered Escape is 20 seconds and ideally should be used everytime it is up in between your Culls.

cdtdtd …

cdtdtd … repeat

In this top DPS parse by Peebles for example, covered Escape was used roughly every 20 seconds (with exception of the 3rd roll since the timer cools down at the same time as the dot reapplications).


Advanced rotation #3 from Lunagazer

This is a more refined rotation for those who want to “memorize” the advanced rotation.  Composed of 6 lines, by ThomasCool from the Gunslinger forums.

1. Lunagazer – Gunslinger – Dirty Fighting – 5/5/36 – 4’22.751s
Log Link:…0/Damage+Dealt
AMR Profile:…4-f8d0fa3b9209

1. cdeptaatdtd

2. cdblacktdtd

3. cdtdltsnipetd

4. cdepaptdtd

5. cdblacktdtd

6. cdtdblacktd

repeat ~

  1. DOTS -> Cull -> EP {TA} -> TD -> SoS -> Cull -> TD
  2. DOTS -> Cull -> Roll ->TD -> SoS -> Cull -> TD
  3. DOTS -> Cull -> TD -> SoS -> {LT} Snipe -> Cull -> TD
  4. DOTS -> Cull -> EP {AP} -> TD -> SoS -> Cull -> TD
  5. DOTS -> Cull -> Roll-> TD -> SoS -> Cull -> TD
  6. DOTS -> Cull ->TD -> SoS -> Roll -> Cull -> TD

Parse analysis without Corrosive Mines and with Corrosive Mine

5 min parse. 2807 DPS without Covered Escape

Without Corrosive Mines
Without Corrosive Mines

5 min parse. 2914 DPS with Covered Escape.  Corrosive Mines is Incendiary Grenade below.  Rotations used was strictly the bare bone Lethality rotation. CG-CD-WB-Cull-TD-SoS-Cull-TD repeat for 5 minutes. Using Rifle Shot as filler for one and using Covered Escape as filler for the other.  As you can see Corrosive Mines can add up to at most 100 more DPS  when used “on cooldown” single target.

With Corrosive Mines (Incendiary Mines in the log)
With Corrosive Mines (Incendiary Mines in the log)
  1. 2807 DPS - Single target rotation
  2. 2914 DPS - Advanced single target rotation

Energy management & cooldowns

Lethal Purpose – is your primary source of energy regen. On top of reducing the cooldown on your Adrenaline Probe, it gives you 1 energy for every bleed effect that that crits. The yellow damage ticks from Cull is considered a damage over time “bleed effect” and will refund you 2 energy when it both ticks crit.

Target Acquired – can and should be used with Explosive Probe. Explosive Probe fits the holes in Lethality’s rotation but is harder to sustain.  Because Target Acquired give energy with the pve set bonus AND increases armor penetration, it is good to use with Explosive Probe since the ability does kinetic damage (and is affected by armor penetration buffs). The same goes for using Adrenaline Probe to supply you with energy during Explosive Probe uses. You will most likely end up energy capped though. Just a thought.

Remember in the ‘Advanced Rotation’ section above we talked about the extra GCD that pops out in between your 2 Culls, normally we would use Covered Escape here but that is not always possible due to its positional requirements.  A ranged, if not better alternative, is Explosive Probe.  Because of its high energy cost though, Explosive Probe (can and) should be used when Target Acquired or Adrenaline Probe is available.

cdeptaatdtd … repeat

In Peebles parse, Sabotage Charge was put to good use by using it with Illegal Mods and Cool Head.  Illegal Mods and Cool head should be staggered with Sabotage Charge.  You want to keep Sabotage Charge (Explosive Probe) on cooldown and this is possible by having energy cooldowns to back you up.  

ep ap taa

10:50:50.298 Peebles activates Charge du saboteur.
10:50:50.298 Peebles spends 25 énergétiques.
10:50:50.446 Peebles’s Charge du saboteur adds effect Charge du saboteur (techno) to Mannequin d’entraînement des opérations.
10:50:50.766 Peebles activates Tête froide.

10:48:19.124 Peebles activates Charge du saboteur.
10:48:19.125 Peebles spends 25 énergétiques.
10:48:19.283 Peebles’s Charge du saboteur adds effect Charge du saboteur (techno) to Mannequin d’entraînement des opérations.
10:48:20.036 Peebles activates Modifications illégales.

Target Switching

Target switching can be a nuisance since you have to reapply your dots (again) in order to use Cull. Delaying your Cull by applying your dots to another target is going to be a DPS loss. The best way to maintain your DPS when target switching is by doing something like this

The only exception is when you NEED to kill the add quickly. In that case apply your dots and use Cull instead.

Priority list

  1. Corrosive Grenade
  2. Corrosive Dart
  3. Weakening Blast
  4. Cull
  5. Takedown
  6. Orbital Strike (when hitting 3 targets)
  7. Series of Shots
  8. Covered Escape  (optional)
  9. Rifle Shot 

Priority list for AoE
  1. Orbital Strike (when hitting 3 targets)
  2. Corrosive Grenade
  3. Fragmentation Grenade

Priorities for cooldowns

  1. Target Acquired with Explosive ProbeTakedown and Series of Shots
  2. Laze Target with Snipe (personal preference)

III. Engineering Sniper

This section will comprise of various rotational and tutorial dummy and raid videos.  They are designed to be watched one after the other in order to familiarize the new player with the basics of 2.6 Saboteur

Skill Trees:

There are 2 options for skill trees. One for a rotation that uses Ambush and one for a rotation that does not.  The trade off is 20% armor penetration for Ambush (if you prefer to use it in your rotation as filler, or 2% extra alacrity (which affects cast times and energy regeneration).  Pick your poison.  There is no definite “hard-proof” as to which one is best DPS.  I use 5/36/5 because I don’t feel like casting Ambush.  I find  the 2.5 second cast time too cumbersome for the rotation that I use.

Part 1.  The Bigger They Are

Part 2. Basic Rotation

Part 3. How it looks like in a raid

Part 4. Google Presentation guide

11 slides of Engineering/Saboteur

Part 5. Further reading

PVE AoE Sniper: The Explosive Engineer / Explosive Anarchist [Video] ( thread

  • Barbie

    Do you cut off your cull once TD procs? or hold off and hit TD after cull finishes?

    • Barbie

      on Lethality of course…

  • Volksel

    If I run Corrosive Dart MM is raids I tend to skip Lethal Injectors. I take 1 point in self heal talent or energy tanks depending on fight instead.

    My reason to do it is that I use CD always when popping Sniper Volley and I track them by watching Sniper Volley cooldown. If it’s on 30 or 15 sec cooldown, I refresh it. It will lead to clipping it just once, if rotation is spot on.

    Otherwise it’s good to see guides updated.

    • Paowee

      That’s a good way of keeping track of it Volksel! I’ll add that here. I do wish there’s an alternative way to track without he self-heal bug as that is bound to be fixed in the future. Perhaps we can cross that bridge when we get there >_>

      • Volksel

        Well I was parsing today a lot cause I wanted to check mm on a dummy. With 36/4/6 build I came up with really steady rotation, that requires no dot tracking and has pretty easy energy management.

        Basically I put up CD while activating Sniper Volley, after 2nd SoS in SV I use EP, and two other applications of CD will be at steady places all the time. Only moment I wait for Ambush to be off cd lasts 0,3 sec or so. I used Orbital Strike just before using SoS with Sniper Volley to extend my rotation just enough, to refresh CD in SV without clipping and help energy regen.

        It’s a parse I did of it:

        Gear wise I still use underworld relic and mainhand, and I mist armoring and DF earpiece.

        While it’s probably not max dps rotation it’s really easy to perform and memorize. Not sure about using OS before Sniper Volley, but it definitely helps energy regen.

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    Love it Board! Very helpful im switching my sniper from MM to Lethality after how many years lol. Thanks again. <3

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    Added 3832 parse analysis, cd/energy management for Lethality

  • chameleon2000

    Nice job as always, Board! :-) Haven’t been on PTS for 2.6., so can I ask you: What about the “old” hybrid build, is it still viable come 2.6. or will full Leth parse better. I’d very much like to stick to hybrid, even if it will be a little weaker than full Leth, as hybrid has better burst, I think…

  • Paowee

    Added energy management & cooldowns

  • Tanik

    Wow. Per your suggestion on the tor forums (I’m archaetorrhi on there) I decided to try and learn lethality.

    It’s just so….well, simple! After using KBN’s hybrid guide and taking a quick look at this guide, lethality (both in energy management and even learning) is a joke! Did my first parse ever in it and got just shy of 3.1k. Now time to refine it and get to using corrosive mines (also a joke since I’ve got scatter bombs under my belt :P)

    • Paowee

      Lethality IS very simple. You can do it with your eyes closed >_<. And try to play with corrosive mines. it’s a very enjoyable playstyle (if you’re getting burned out of the monotonous sniper rotations)

      • Tanik

        No kidding! I kept parsing today and got myself up to 3240 or so multiple different times, so it’s not just a fluke. I was doing dreadtoof with some guildies today and just to test it out I used lethality w/ corrosive mines, and it wasn’t hard to get in position at all, as long as I thought ahead and did it during dot application. Should be able to do it in most fights outside of tyrans without issue.

  • Roshan P.

    Hey, I was wondering where to settle on accuracy vs surge for lethality. Currently I’m in a mix of 75/78s, with my accuracy rating at 360 with a accuracy at 109.06% tech, while my surge rating at 526 at 74.135. So should I replace one of my implants which has pwr/surge with pwr/acc? Thanks

    • Paowee

      You should definitely get 110% tech accuracy first. This goes the same for all the other DPS classes.

  • Kenny G
    • paoweeotter

      Good job on that corrosive mines! Now the fun challenge is applying it in an operation ^^,