SWTOR 2.7 swtor patch notes

SWTOR 2.7 patch notes - Game Update 2.7: Invasion


New Story Arc: Forged Alliances! Start this story arc by speaking to a droid on the Fleet near the new Outbound Mission Hangar.

New Flashpoints! Beginning the next major storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Korriban Incursion and Assault on Tython Tactical Flashpoints are now available to players at level 55.

Nightmare Mode is now available for the Dread Fortress! Even greater horrors await those who wish to challenge the bastion of the Dread Masters, and the Operation provides even greater rewards in the form of new Dread Master equipment!
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SWTOR Removing pushback

Hey Gang,

This is something we are actively considering (re: removing pushback). There are a lot of little small things this would have a cascading effect on, the one that I (personally) am most concerned about are healers in PvP. Obviously we are taking baby steps towards that already with all of the skills that are removing pushback from important DPS specs, and there is some visceral feeling to beating a guy who trying to activate an ability and know you are slowing him down, but I’m not really sure the way the game has evolved it is appropriate anymore. Cast time abilities DO get a bonus to their power because of their cast time, but I feel like the net result is probably a negative for them at the moment. It leads to feast/famine syndrome, where if they are free casting we have to make things really good, because if they are getting beat on their ability output takes a massive hit.

No real answer here from me I guess, other than it is something under discussion, be it a full removal, a continuation of adjustment for DPS classes, or something else.


Rob Hinkle | Senior Designer
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Sniper & Gunslinger SWTOR Class Representative Questions for June 2014

SWTOR Snipers and Gunslingers begin class question brainstorming. Our deadline is June 2014 which means many many weeks of cherry picking the best 6 questions to throw at the combat team.  Like the previous round of the Class Rep program, anyone can submit their question and by early June we will vote for our top 2 PVE questions, top 2 PVP questions, and 2 other “wildcard” questions.

SWTOR foroum post:

Google docs:

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republic capital ship

SWTOR Republic Capital Ship


SWTOR Operative healer & website updates

  • The  drop-down menus have updated and added (check it out :) and added the Operative version of Fusebox’s Scoundrel healing guide (finally…)
  • Updated the drop-down menu for the Training dummy DPS Rankings (this list is not indicated of Raid DPS.  For raid DPS check out these forum leaderboards for 8-man and 16-man HM)
    1. Pyrotech Mercenary
    2. Concealment Operative
    3. Dotsmash Sentinel
    4. Vigilance Guardian
    5. Dirty Fighting Gunslinger
    6. Telekinetics Sage
    7. Assault Vanguard
    8. Balance Shadow
  • Updated the  SWTOR DPS Gear Profiles for 2.6